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Fort Richmond Houses for Sale

With The Jennifer Queen Team, you will also have a nice chance to buy houses in Fort Richmond Winnipeg. Our realtors will always find a suitable option that meets your overall desires. Having many years of experience in this field, we make sure to grab a perfect deal for you. Just contact us and enjoy the best possible services. 

Located between the Red River and Pembina Highway between the Perimeter Highway on the south and the University of Manitoba on the north, Fort Richmond will just exceed your expectations. Homes in Fort Richmond Winnipeg are diverse and they include various kinds of Bungalows, Two Storey, Bi-Levels and Split Level homes. Choose one of them and see how your lifestyle changes. This area has many types of entertainment areas, schools, shopping malls, parks, and more. Fort Richmond also houses the University of Manitoba. It is the largest university by total student enrolment and campus area in the province of Manitoba.

Two famous strip mall shops are:

  • Plaza Mall hosts Sobey's 
  • Peavey Mart

Recreation Areas

There are many indoor and outdoor facilities:

  • King’s Park
  • The Fort Richmond Community Centre 

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Selling Homes with The Jennifer Queen Team

The Jennifer Queen Team can also help you sell your property. If you want to advertise your property, simply get in touch with The Jennifer Queen Team. Now, the BULK of the people saying they found their listing online do say that they used the MLS ( system, but you likely aren’t going to have access to that if you are truly selling your home privately.  If you are using brokerage houses to list your property while you handle the rest, such as FairSquare Winnipeg (formerly Purple Bricks Winnipeg and prior to that, ComFree Winnipeg), then you will have access to the MLS system. Just keep in mind that then you aren’t selling your home privately.  

Don’t indulge in the stressful task of finding a house. Just rely on these experts when it comes to buying a new property or selling your property and listing it via ComFree Winnipeg. Call The Jennifer Queen Team and let them provide the best assistance.