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Application Security Audit Services in India

Enhance Your Understanding and Management of Cyber Security Risks

An application security audit is a process of analyzing the security controls in an application to identify any security threats in a bid to prevent data breaches and cyber attacks. The audit process can happen during the development stage or after an app has been released for use. Every single day, cybercriminals are coming up with ways to bypass existing security controls, it’s therefore important to continually analyze the security of your applications.

What we Offer

Our team of auditors possesses extensive knowledge and experience in application security. Some of the things we will cover in our audit include:

Application Discovery – we will use our scanning solutions to come up with a list of all applications within your system. This will help you have a clear picture of the exact applications you are/ need protection.

Discovering vulnerabilities in running applications

Establish any existing problems in applications before they can be deployed for use.

Benefits of Application Security Audit

 Experience – our team of experts has extensive experience working with many large and small organizations.

 On-demand services – as a client, you can always alter your requirements as your demands change.

 Honest feedback – we analyze your security posture and give honest results

 Access to advanced tools on risk, change and incident management.

 Security training and awareness

 Compliance management

 Establishment of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Why infoSec Brigade?

 An experienced technical support team

 Top talented staff and expertise in cyber security

 We offer customized security solutions to meet your security needs

 Competitive services at very competitive prices

No hidden costs / unnecessary expensesInfoSec Brigade is a cyber security solution providing firm, working with a diverse range of industries and 150+ enterprises across the globe. We offer leading-edge cyber security products and services to help enterprises.