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Or just do what I do and revel in the extant content when dismissing the mtx. I like OSRS content more than the modern RS gold. RS3 resembles a shit-tier MMO. OSRS is its own thing and wonderful lol. Exactly the same, I have no interest in playing OSRS but porting the RS3 client would probably be a lot more work. FYI osrs were available on mobile for like a year. I booted up to play OSRS on my 15 year old account for a nostalgia trip last year beginning afresh with my old username. (Legit no attention - I was checking out lumbridge on a nostalgia trip). Perma-ban wiped out my 15 year-old account. One chance for appeal. Denied with no rational. Grinding wouldn't be so bad with a controller. I do amassing in FFXIV using a controller and it just feels easier. Fishing especially. I've been playing that game for many years and switched from pc to PS4 (notebook broke) and yeah I really love the controller set up so a great deal more than KBM and I don't believe I would ever go back. Sure some things aren't as simple but like the hotbars and everything are good

This occurred to me when my final pc crashed. Ended up building a new pc, but I could not go back to m&k. Only brought my ps4 controller with me. I played Stellaris PC fairly heavily. Subsequently Stellaris Console came out, and using a controller is miles better. FFXIV using a control is wonderful. It made me stop playing WoW because I simply wanted to use a controller. Oh fuck. If I could get my acc on PS5 I'd lose it and play way more.

OSRS will be perfect for the Switch

I shall actually never leave my house if this happens. It seems I will be once more promoting lobsters. And cutting yew logs and murdering cows and mining. I'm not sure how it would work on a control based console though. The Switch does have a touch screen, and OSRS is available on cellular, so that may translate well. I hacked my nintendo change and have played runescape onto it and it works wonderful. I use to play RuneScape back then, fantastic memories! Since in RuneScape it is very mouse & keyboard dependent, you have to click on a spot to even move to it and use the cursor to get the menus. They would really have to overhaul the entire gameplay to cater to consoles.

Really putting those'second gen graphics'to great use, huh? Oh man I just started playing again recently. It is my hope that this happens. Doing Inferno using a control on Console are the ultimate bend. I could already see all the console only HCIMs. My life would be complete. Can it jagex please! It is getting fucming buy 2107 runescape gold genuine now. Watchy'all motherfuckers in Wildy. But not before I receive my woodcutting and angling to 100. Just make it in Dreams. I really don't see how it could function on ps5. Like I enjoy the game but like wow. The controllers and ui would need to be entirely altered to the point that you may as well create a totally new game. My guess is runescape on steam and then change.

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By Kin Gang
Added Sep 27


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