In the landscape of metallurgy, Ferro Titanium stands tall as a crucial alloy, and its various forms play pivotal roles in refining steel and other alloys. From Ferro Titanium Lumps to innovative Ferro Titanium Cored Wire, these products have revolutionized the metallurgical industry.

Ferro Titanium Lumps: Enhancing Alloy Performance

At a grade of 70%, Ferro Titanium Lumps 70% embody a significant concentration of titanium, making them a fundamental alloy in steelmaking and other metallurgical processes. These lumps contribute to the enhancement of steel properties, offering increased strength, corrosion resistance, and improved weldability. The varying grades available, as showcased on, cater to diverse industrial requirements, ensuring precise alloying effects.

Ferro Titanium Cored Wire: Precision in Alloy Integration

The innovation doesn't halt with Ferro Titanium Lumps. Enter Ferro Titanium Cored Wire, a cutting-edge method of introducing titanium into steel melts with unparalleled precision. This wire, strategically filled with Ferro Titanium powder, offers a controlled and consistent method of alloy integration, ensuring the desired titanium content within the steel, enhancing its mechanical and chemical properties.

Titanium Cored Wire: Elevating Metallurgical Processes

Beyond steel production, Titanium Cored Wire finds applications across various metallurgical processes. Its introduction into melts not only enhances the properties of steel but also finds utility in titanium alloy production, aiding in the creation of alloys renowned for their lightweight and high-strength characteristics.

The Impact of Setting Industry Standards

The website serves as a cornerstone for Ferro Titanium innovations, showcasing an array of grades and products tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries reliant on titanium-based alloys. It stands as a testament to the commitment of manufacturers to deliver high-quality Ferro Titanium products.


Ferro Titanium Lumps and Cored Wire products have revolutionized metallurgical processes, elevating the quality and performance of alloys, particularly in steel production. Their precision, showcased through innovative methods like cored wires, continues to shape the future of metallurgy, offering enhanced alloys with superior properties.

Explore the range of Ferro Titanium products and their transformative impact on alloys at, setting new standards in the metallurgical industry.