I found a topic on the official Runescape Forums from Nanlina's blog

RuneScape is a match. Games are meant to be enjoyable, not a sort of parasitic leech that brings you apart from the real world. Your"Skiller Level" formula functions much in the RS gold way as your Combat Level formula. Please be aware this is not a formal formulation. (Round up.)

Old Formula: (Note - do not use exactly the same skill over once. (Round up.)) Recall PEMDAS. Ability Relatives (Notice - The abilities following a"root" skill doesn't mean they are all related. Woodcutting and FireMaking is related, whereas FireMaking and Fletching is not.)

Thieving, Agility and Slayer haven't any direct family members. For simplicity, Thieving is a source ability, and Agility and Slayer can count as either. They can be relatives for almost any additional ability. Structure - WoodCutting or Smithing. The next one is preferred because of it being able to have the same minimum and maximum to F2Pers and P2Pers. Can anybody code a calculator to get this?

I found a topic on the official Runescape Forums

For getting your skill level ratio to combat level. Combat Level x100 then split by 138: Ability Level x100 then divided by 159. This will get your level out of 100. Combat Level x100 then divided by 126: Ability Level x100 then split by 159. This will get your level from 100. The reason I reworked the process was for this to work for F2Pers and P2Pers equally, and to work like battle level, where you are just marked for abilities you care about.

I am likely to emplain to you the way the"Ring Of Wealth" work's, there appear's to be alot of confision and rumors about it. This is NOT just another rumor, I found a topic on the official Runescape Forums, this is a jagex moderator clearing things up about this particular ring. Sorry I do not own a connection like I saw this topic last year. This is the way ROW operate's. The ring of riches (ROW) does not accually raise the drop rate of infrequent drops. It will, however, live up to it's name. It does so by if you receive a rare shed without this ring, it'll be rarer with it.

Do you get it today? If not... Say for instance, everytime you kill a monster, a wheel is spun. This wheel is 80% of"typical drops" 15%"uncommon" and 5%"very rare" if the wheel stops on"common" then the ring doesn't have any result. But if it quits on"rare" or even"very rare" then this is where it come in to effect. Following the wheel stops on"rare" a different wheel will probably be spun, this one has all possible uncommon things on it. What the ring does now is makes the opportunity of cheap RuneScape gold this good"rare" items higher. That is why it's called"prosperity", because it make the more expencive items more prevalent.

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