As a result of our Jagex HQ being close to the elementary school from Nanlina's blog

As a result of our Jagex HQ being close to the elementary school, most of the little children are familiar with Jagex and our games, and a number of them play Runescape. While Mod WhatsBotting was passing the school, a group of mean children started to shout out and taunt him with these phrases like"HAHAHA Failgex worker! You're games so fail you can alch character runes for gain today:L" and"When ya gonna change Runescape to Leescape" Today, Mod WhatsBotting had had a RS gold rough morning, his crumpets were cold, he divide his teaand he couldn't find his Ipad, not to mention, he forgot to take his Zoloft. So thus he was rather depressed so the children's words struck like an arrow and REALLY hurt him.

He stewed over the whole issue about the bus ride in and decided he would get even with the small children by lowering the nature rune alch price, which he did. Mod WhatsBotting is high up on the food chain here, so no one can override his desicion except for Paul who is off at Crumpetfest 2011. So for now, the alch costs will stay. Again, please don't hear this conspiracy theories and their storie of mythical bots, they do not exists. I can not remember when I first began noticing this, but I'm convinced it was within the previous 30 days. Occasionally when you right-click into withdraw-x or whatever other number, and you move your mouse right after right-clicking, the right-click menu pops up where your original click has been, but the thing you draw is whichever one your mouse lands around.

A good instance of this is, I attempt to draw 1k character runes, so I right-click it and move my mouse and click quickly on the location where withdraw-1000 would be. However, I end up withdrawing the product right below it (soul runes in this instance ) that I've less than 1k of - that causes me to draw the entire stack, wasting time necessary to deposit the soul rune stack back and position it to where it was. This has also occurred frequently when I attempt to withdraw-all-but-1 coins - that I shall instead withdraw all but 1 of the thing 2 stains below it. Only recently has that begun to occur.

When yanking things by left-clicking, this happens as well. Just click on something, move your mouse to the next thing that you would like to click, but the first click registers after your mouse moves, causing one to buy osrs gold paypal withdraw whatever the mouse pointer lands on. I noticed this especially when using mousekeys to withdraw items. I've my Astral, Cosmic, and Legislation runes at a lineup to make it easy to draw runes for spellbook swap. More than once I try to withdraw said runes, and usually wind up with something like 3 Fragrant, 0 cosmic, 3 law.

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By Nanlina
Added Oct 13 '20



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