A total of three cars drove in slowly one after another, and did not arrive at the competition venue first. Instead, they stopped next to the viewing stand where Chen Zhen was, and ten people came out of the car and came to Chen Zhen. All preparations have been completed, sir. Ten men stood in a row with the speed of a veteran, and with a loud military salute, they went over to Chen Zhen. "Listen, this is a fight for your lives, and I will not allow any mistakes.". Those who make mistakes will be sent to the fifty-seven good areas. ! And that XXOO is locked together! Do you understand !" Chen Zhen returned a military salute and shouted at the ten men. "Yes!"! "Sir" The ten men answered in almost the same tone and voice. The whole audience was quiet and knew the sunshine. They walked away all the way. No one said a word when they went to the starting point to prepare. Half of them are watching the earthquake again, and the other half are watching the sunshine. -Sir? You told them to call you sir? Feeling the burning eyes around, Tang Yu looked at Chen Zhen with great pain. The eyes around him were definitely not friendly, but more strange. This is normal, as a group of recruits, my rank is much higher than them, officer is the only allowed to address me. Chen Zhen. Chen Zhencai doesn't care whether the other side is a soldier or not, as long as he is trained by him. That's the soldier. None of them. None of them. Although saw that horrible report, but Tang Yu is still hard to imagine, Chen Zhen in the end is to use what means to make those people become more veterans than veterans. Look at the firmness on their faces, the calmness in their eyes, the image of a man who has spent a lot of time in the army. When Tang Yu handed the question to Chen Zhen,uns s32750 sheet, Chen Zhen had a rare smile on his face. Quite simply, it is only when we are close to death that human instinct will allow us to grow naturally. Chen Zhen opened his mouth. Explaining fallacies . "On the verge of death..". Won't it collapse? ?" Tang Yu smiled. "Will..". Those who do not collapse will grow. Those who collapse will be eliminated. He's not worth my time. "Chen Zhen explained with a straight face." You are so cruel. Tang Yu curled his lips and was noncommittal. Sports are cruel. Chen Zhen sighed, "You are cruel, watch the game." Tang Yu has been unable to bear Chen Zhen that violates the social common sense the fallacy, can only let Chen Zhen shut up, then watches the competition. Fortunately, Chen Zhen has always been very obedient, Tang Yu said what he is absolutely listening to. Seeing the sunshine group coming, he wanted to say something to rush the scene, but he found that the other side did not even look at him, x60 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, but gathered together in situ and did not know what to say. All roads have been surveyed and road conditions have been verified. One of them said. The vehicle is in good condition, all components have been checked, optimization has been completed, engine limits have been determined, and the use curve has been completed. Said another. A group of people did not cheer up, but do not know what to say, the voice is not very small, but the basic squint did not understand. Wanted to come and have a look. As a result, it was blocked by two people who were not involved in it. The uneasiness began to be more and more serious in the heart of the squint. But he quickly shook his head and threw all his uneasiness into a corner of the ground. I heard that Sunshine went to special training. He also has a lot of hard practice these days. He will never believe it. Your own practice will be worse than Chen Zhen's special training! Even if it is really bad, it will never let the sunshine reach five days to catch up with their own level! The game begins. In the first corner, the squint did not throw the sun away. In the second corner, the distance between the two people was closer. When the two cars passed the famous hairpin, the first one to rush out was the sunshine! Squint suddenly had a feeling of starting with Tang Yu that day, but the car was really sunny. And that car is indeed Sunshine's car. . But the squint felt like something was wrong. Your car is slow? Impossible The hands on the speedometer remind you all the time. Today's state is better than usual, and the speed is faster. But why does the sun come back so fast? The amazing pressure began to press slowly on his squinty shoulders, making him feel that the steering wheel was beginning to weigh down. Therefore. The result is clear 。 Sunshine triumphs. A stunning victory. Squint knew that he had done his best, but he was still no match for Sunshine. His every acceleration, every brake, was as precise as an old hand who had calculated in advance and seen countless times. There is no flaw! After the victory, the sunshine group did not have any elated expression, their faces were still tight, their bodies stood straight, like a stick in front of Chen Zhen and Tang Yu. The game is over. Our side wins! The loud voice of the sunshine roared out. Very good. Dismiss, go home and rest, start tomorrow, it's all over. Chen Zhen said. You didn't hypnotize them, did you? Looking at those people whose walking posture is extremely standard, Tang Yu suddenly had this kind of doubt. It's really a light rain that can guess the mystery! Chen Zhen had a surprise on his face. Ah? You really hypnotized them? Tang Yu lay down in Chen Zhen's arms and whispered like a thief. That's inevitable. Chen Zhen said. These people are just ordinary people, and it is impossible to achieve an essential leap in five days, so I will teach them everything, even if they do not understand, let the body force them to remember. Then use hypnosis to let them use all the things I taught them, but the time is very short,316ti stainless steel, and the effect will disappear completely after getting up tomorrow morning. At that point, they're on their own. Chen Zhen's face was full of approval. How dare you do such a thing. But won't it have any effect on their bodies? Tang Yun felt a little weak in what he said, but he was still worried. So you have to ask. There should be no effect other than muscle soreness and prolonged fatigue. Chen Zhen said. lksteelpipe.com