"^ _ ^ Ah Yue just now I heard that you wanted to hit our Lord" Dad's gentle smile made me want to go up and get together Oh hehehehe I didn't expect dear dad Well my dear uncle is actually a handyman for the Lord of Ice Blood I tried to put on a smirk but my heart was sweating It's over it's over I met my father I don't know what strange things he will do in the game In the past when he was angry at home he liked to hit what he got (although not once) This time he would not hit it with a knife when he was angry would he! "Oh ha ha ha Ah Yue why don't you call me uncle in the game for a few days" Then call you Whoo Before he could Environment say the second sentence I rushed up and covered his mouth with a terrible look in my eyes If you dare to say that you and I are father and daughter I will cut you down! Dad reached out his hand and patted me on the head "Well well don't say anything but Ah Yue if you encounter any difficulties in the game …" You have to solve it by yourself I won't help you "I didn't expect you to help me at all" I looked at him with a twitch at the corners of my mouth and then pulled over the man who was standing aside

"All right all right let's get out of here first" The implication is not to say that thing about the mission in front of an uncle here Just as he was about to leave his father grabbed his arm and said "You can't help me with a big favor but you can still help me with a small favor" Are you planning to go into the city of ice and blood I can take you in but when you get there everything depends on you Oh hehehehe he is really a good father after all he will help me Some female one face is excited "Thank you oh ha ha ha" After following my father into the city the man behind me asked me curiously "You and the ice-blooded magic knife … …" Do you know him Oh hehehehe How could you not know him He's from my dad Of course this can not be said casually if the people in the game know that my father is such a tough person it will be troublesome! First of all Dad's enemies may come to me for revenge and then if I finally get on the top of the game one day someone will say something for example I climbed up by Dad's relationship or something and then If my brothers know my father's identity Must become very restless!

Finally Well I can't remember the last one haha Of course China Manufacturers even if I am a brother of the blood alliance I can't say it I can only explain it euphemistically "I used to be friends" Just a friend ahahahaha After sneaking into Ice Blood Dad warned me that Ice Blood (the name of the Lord) was not an easy target to mess with He had a tolerance limit beyond which I would be finished So don't exceed his tolerance limit otherwise it must be me who dies Even my dad who usually knows my fighting ability said so It seems that the guy is really not simple Maybe the level is much higher than me so it is absolutely impossible to use it So There's only one way! Steal it! However Looks like stealing It's not a good way Because the city of ice and blood is so heavily guarded maybe the gatekeeper is my father if you do it casually you may die! So what if you die It's better to take a risk according to the proportion of experience gained and experience lost by dropping the level Now that it's decided I'll start to arrange it He is not good at stealing but he fights badly and runs away badly He is used as bait to attract the soldiers on guard and patrol and then sneaks into the bedroom of the Lord of Ice and Blood City in the chaos then steals "blood fireflies" and then runs away with him And then everything is OK

it's really a perfect plan! All right let's do it! When it was dark he was very obedient to attract the attention of the soldiers and then a large group of soldiers ran around the city after him so I took the opportunity to slip away to find the castellan's bedroom The problem is How do I know where that guy's bedroom is in such a big place! Damn it if you look for it one by one you will definitely want to die! T _ T who will tell me the shortcut Chapter 20 of the Evolution of Stunning Beauties in Online Games Transportation The Damn Task Chapter Words 2362 Updated 07-08-25 1053 "Let's see what the mission is" But he accepted the fact very calmly I opened the task bar to check which said This task must pass three links each link is in a different place as long as you pass one link you can get the corresponding reward experience and skills This quest can be teamed up but the other members of the team can only get a little experience The first part is in the Ice and Blood City of the North Continent Players must get the ornament "Blood Hotaru" between the heads of the Ice and Blood City and hand it over to an NPC named "Pere Goriot" outside the Death Forest of the North Continent The next part will be explained by "Pere Goriot"

The task reward of the first part is the guard decoration "Blood Ring" transformed from "Blood Hotaru" with 10 million experience and the first stage of the skill "Death Flower Dance" "Death Flower Sunflower" What What ***ing mission! Take the ornament between the forehead of the Lord of Ice Blood City! God why isn't it something from my brother's city In that case I'd have to discuss it with them Damn it now it's better to get the things on the skull of the Lord of Ice Blood City It would be strange if he didn't cut them out! —_—! And I seem to have heard something about the Lord of Ice Blood Uh But my memory is not good there is no impression as if to say that he is the north of the mainland is the strongest Lord of the pool city there is nothing to mess with what After seeing my task he frowned "The Lord of Ice and Blood is a very difficult character This task is not easy to do" What do you mean it's not easy to do! You just can't do it! What idiot came up with that! And isn't this stealth mission something that's been around since the game was created! The city of ice and blood hasn't been built yet! Where does such a perverted task come from! I was very angry and shouted over there trade-global.com