CENTRAL DUST Collection System, how can there be a failure during operation to repair and maintain? What are the main aspects?

(1) Maintenance of the dust removal effect of Central Dust Collection System:

To ensure that the Central Dust Collection System is running well, we should first fully understand the structure and performance of each part of each part of the Central Dust Collection System. In the test transportation phase of Central Dust Collection System, we must pay attention to observation and necessary adjustments. Pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the parking period, and pay more attention to safety measures. In order to enable Central Dust Collection System to maintain effectively, it is necessary to frequently check the status of intake pipelines, traffic control devices, ventilations, imported baffles, filter bags and other components. The filter bag must be checked regularly, and it should be once a month. For the damaged or sealing filter bags that are detected, repairs or replace it in time. In addition, the operation of the shell, ash clearance mechanism, ash discharge mechanism, and instrument must be checked in time.

(2) failure and maintenance of Central Dust Collection System cloth bag:

① Improper installation of the filter bag, which causes friction between the filter bag or the filter bag and the wall of the box plate: Check and adjust the distance.

② Dust directly flush the filter bag: Check the entrance of the dust -containing gas, adjust the diversion device;

③ The broken filter bag is not replaced in time and the neighboring filter bag is blown out: find out and replace the damage filter bag in time.

④ The external filter bag is damaged due to poor quality of the frame: eliminating the burrs of the frame; the frame of less node or spraying and electroplating is used.

⑤ Mars enters the box burning and bad filter bag: Set the pre -dust collector. If the dust collector has been pre -reinforced, it will enhance its effect.

⑥ Combustic dust or gas burning and burning filter bags: control the oxygen concentration in the gas; control the concentration of combustible dust or gas; prevent air leakage of the dust removal system; prevent Mars from falling into;

或 The combustible dust accumulated on the filter bag or in the box: Do not leak the air into the dust collector; when you need to open the box, you must first cool it, or fill a certain steam in the box.

⑧ Hydrolysis and acid and alkali corrosion: Strengthen thermal heating measures to reduce the corrosion effect.

(3) The dust removal efficiency of Central Dust Collection System:

The ratio of the amount of dust from Central Dust Collecting System and the ratio of dust in entering Central Dust Collecting System is called the efficiency of Central Dust Collection System.

The particle size and operation of the dust have a great impact on the efficiency of Central Dust Collection System. Therefore, when the dust removal efficiency of Central Dust Collection System is given, the quality, density, density and operation of dust should be explained at the same time.

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