6 Quinoa Health Benefits from country kitchen's blog

Quinoa seeds

1. May have anticancer properties2. May protect against heart disease and metabolic syndrome3. May help regulate blood sugar4. May support healthy weight loss and maintenance5. May have immune-boosting properties6. May improve liver function

Potential Downsides of Eating Quinoa
There are a few issues to watch out for with quinoa.
Quinoa is high in fiber, which is an important nutrient but can cause digestive disturbances if you’re not used to eating a fiber-rich diet. If this is the case, it’s best to introduce it into your diet slowly or in smaller portions.
Also, because its seeds are so small, they aren’t easily sifted, so little bits of debris can sneak in from time to time. This seems to vary from batch to batch. But if you find that your quinoa is pebble-prone, it could be wise to examine your quinoa for any unwanted particles, like small pebbles, that might have found their way into the harvest. You can do this by spreading raw quinoa out on a large baking sheet and sifting through it, or placing it in a very fine mesh strainer and running water through as you search for anything that needs to be discarded. As a few people have discovered the hard way (literally!), if it chips your tooth, it wasn’t quinoa.

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