Original Title: Working Principle of Wiped Film Molecular Distillation Unit AYAN-B60 molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology. It is different from the traditional distillation which relies on the separation principle of boiling point difference,jacketed glass reactor, but relies on the difference of mean free path of molecular motion of different substances to achieve separation. When the liquid mixture flows along the heating plate and is heated,winterization filtration, the light and heavy molecules will escape from the liquid surface and enter the gas phase. Because the free paths of the light and heavy molecules are different, the moving distances of the molecules of different substances after escaping from the liquid surface are different. If a condensing plate is properly arranged, wiped film evaporator ,hemp extraction centrifuge, the light molecules will be condensed and discharged when they reach the condensing plate, while the heavy molecules will be discharged along the mixed liquid when they do not reach the condensing plate. In this way, the purpose of material separation is achieved. The pressure difference between the boiling film and the condensation surface is the driving force for the flow of the vapor, which is caused by a small pressure drop. Operating at 1 mbar requires a very short distance between the boiling surface and the condensing surface, and distillers based on this principle are called short-path distillers. The short-path distiller (molecular distillation) has an internal condenser on the opposite side of the heating surface and reduces the operating pressure to 0.001 mbar. Short-path distiller is a thermal separation process working under the pressure of 1 ~ 0.001 mbar. Its low boiling temperature is very suitable for heat-sensitive and high-boiling substances. It consists of a cylindrical cylinder with a heating jacket, a rotor and a built-in condenser, and a film scraper and an anti-splashing device are precisely installed on the fixing frame of the rotor. The built-in condenser is located in the center of the evaporator,wiped film distillation, and the rotor rotates between the cylindrical cylinder and the condenser. The short-path distiller consists of an externally heated vertical cylinder, a condenser located at its center, and a film scraper rotating between the distiller and the condenser. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com