Suddenly asked, Zhao Zhuang suddenly revived, burst out a circle of blazing white light, in the continuous explosion of landslides and cracks, more than a dozen tanks burst into flames, the daredevils did not flinch, their submachine guns spit out flames, roaring into the other side's fire circle.. When the earth-shaking shouts came, the People's Liberation Army in the village threw themselves into the counter-charge. In the telescope, the PLA soldiers in clothes jumped out of the collapsed bunker with bright bayonets, forming a khaki tide. The two tides suddenly collided, and countless white bayonets shone brightly in the sun. The two sides fired at each other without any shelter, and the crowd fell down one by one.. Twenty minutes later, Zhao Zhuang was silent again, as quiet as if he had died, and none of the Kuomintang daredevils survived. Chu Yunfei felt that the cold sweat on his back was slowly oozing out. He leaned against the support wood of the shelter and said to himself wearily, "God!"! What kind of unit is this. The division intelligence chief took a step forward and said in a low voice, "Division seat, it's the 2nd Division of the enemy's 11th Huaye Column defending Zhaozhuang. The division commander's name is Li Yunlong.." Chu Yunfei did not move as if he had been struck by lightning. He closed his eyes and thought, "Brother Yunlong, I haven't seen you for a long time. It's really an act of God that you and my brothers meet each other on the battlefield.". Zhou Jiazheng, chief of staff of the division, threw the slide rule on the map in frustration and said, "It's less than 40 kilometers from here to Nianzhuang. This 40 kilometers has become an impassable place of death. It's over. The encircled Huangbaidao Corps is hanging." Chu Yunfei would not have thought that a regiment of the 2nd Division of the 11th Column of Huaye, which was sticking to the Zhaozhuang position at this time, was now less than a hundred men. Staff officers, guards, clerks, and cooks all picked up their guns and walked into the bunker. Li Yunlong, commander of the 2nd Division, had become a heavy machine gunner. Li Yunlong had just become a division commander, and at the beginning of the war of liberation, he was still a regimental commander. His condition is rare in the whole army. During the period of the Red Army, he was the commander of the main regiment. In the early days of the War of Resistance Against Japan, he was the commander again. In the early days of the War of Liberation, he became the commander again. Over the past ten years, his position has risen and fallen, from commander to battalion commander, from battalion commander to commander. Strange to say, after each demotion, he must have fought a good battle and been promoted again. Before the Huaihai Campaign began, Li Yunlong's regiment belonged to the Central Plains Field Army. Once the regiment cooperated with the East China Field Army to fight for reinforcements and did a good job. General Su Yu, the acting commander of Huaye, heard about Li Yunlong's anecdote and tried every means to find an excuse not to allow the regiment to be built. As for how he talked with Commander Liu Bocheng of Zhongye, no one knows. Anyway, this muddle-headed regiment has been incorporated into the battle order of the 11th Column of Huaye. In Li Yunlong's own words, Lao Tzu joined the Red Army in 1927. If he hadn't made a mistake, now, not to mention the division commander, Steel racking system , the column commander is nothing. Besides, even the position of division commander is not for nothing, it is earned by Lao Tzu. A few days ago, the Seventh Army of the Kuomintang Army withdrew from Hsinan Town and contracted in the direction of Xuzhou. Corps commander Huang Baidao led hundreds of thousands of troops in order to cover the slow retreat to Xuzhou. This 7th Corps, in the eyes of General Su Yu, the acting commander of Huaye, is a big fat meat flowing with oil, and he has been staring at it for a long time. If the Seventh Army withdraws from Hsinan this time, it will be difficult to encircle and annihilate it as long as it crosses the canal and backs up to Hsuchow. Can it be allowed to escape? For the first time, the Field Division issued the following operational order: "Don't be afraid of fatigue, difficulties, hunger, casualties, disruption of the organizational system, and obstruction by rivers. Wherever the enemy runs, we will resolutely pursue them, wipe out Huang's army and capture Huang Po-tao alive." After Yesi's order was issued, the whole Huaihai Plain became noisy. On both sides of the Longhai Line, hundreds of thousands of Huaye officers and soldiers swung their legs, rolled up the yellow dust all over the sky, and chased eastward from north to south. Hundreds of thousands of troops are in a mess, the organizational system has been completely disrupted, and even the organizational system at the battalion level has ceased to exist, regimental commanders can not find battalion commanders, battalion commanders can not find company commanders, many division and regiment headquarters have become empty shelves, where are the troops? No one knows. It doesn't matter if the organizational system is in chaos. Everyone has a bottom in his heart. If he pursues eastward, he will fight if he catches up with him. The squad will fight for itself and the people will fight for themselves. There is a race between the feet made of human flesh and the wheels made of rubber. The 63rd Army of the Kuomintang Army, which served as the rear cover of the 7th Army, found a huge wave of khaki coming from the yellow dust behind it. It quickly stopped to prepare for the cover. Before it had time to deploy its troops, it was swept by the huge wave, and the troops of the two regiments were instantly destroyed. This is the work of Hua Ye Jiu Zong. Before I knew it, the 11th Column of Huaye had surpassed the marching column of the 63rd Army and was waiting in front of it, so it went around again, and the vanguard of the 63rd Army was swept away by two regiments, this time by Li Yunlong's regiment. In this great pursuit, Li Yunlong's regiment was one of the few teams among the hundreds of thousands of Huaye troops that maintained a complete organizational system. After all, it was an old unit that had been in battle for a long time. The combat formation of the whole regiment had not changed at all. Except for weapons and ammunition, all the other things of the officers and men of the whole regiment were thrown away. During the raid, they created a speed of 180 miles of marching day and night. When the troops of the 9th Column caught the rear guard of the 63rd Army, Li Yunlong also led his troops to arrive. At that time, the troops of the 9th Column had no organizational system, and they were as chaotic as herding sheep. Not to mention regimental commanders, they did not even have battalion commanders. As soon as the machine guns went off, they swarmed up in a chaotic manner. Three people in a group, two people in a group, each fighting his own, only recognizing clothes but not people, and hugging fire when they saw people wearing Kuomintang uniforms. As soon as Li Yunlong looked, straight tooth flower son, this calls his mother to fight what kind of war? It's okay to herd sheep or go to the market. He gave the order that the whole regiment should maintain its combat formation, not continue to fight, and plunge into the depth. They finally overtook the marching column of the 63rd Army. Under the cover of darkness, they blew up seven or eight tanks of the vanguard of the 63rd Army with cluster grenades. The whole regiment rushed up and divided the enemy column into several sections. They ping-pong in the middle of the night. At dawn, they saw that they had killed two enemy regiments. The captured materials piled up like mountains.