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When did devs state afk travel could be completely safe? I am curious, because if they did state that EVE Mobile ISK then secure autopilot could not have been a bug.It is not just about afk travel. Auto-pilot additionally supports _offline_ travel. That has a consequence of being secure, particularly if you chose"select safer" that is supposed to prevent 0.4 and reduced. It does not always (because of bugs) and can't always (because of some high sec systems being surrounded by low sec).

I never assumed it was safe; I'd just assumed cellular sucked enough that nobody could lock on fast enough. Sometimes, when I'd be semi-afk traveling, I would see a little damage done to protects when passing through null-sec. This made me think once bigger ships came in I'd be able to become one-hit, and it'd no longer be secure.

They did. It was something we pressed for in beta, this is a step backwards.Don't see a Dev reaction in there saying any of their aims though.It does pay half of the claim tho, you can definitely find plenty of elderly threads covering the afk aspects.Haven't tried digging for something from the devs aspect of things, but with Cheap EVE Mobile ISK the things which seem lost in translation relating to this match I would not be surprised.You know, if you actually could provide evidence for this, it would put the entire debate to rest concerning what should happen next. Something tells me you can't supply that because they never said it.

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