Pajamas must be comfortable to wear first, so the material of pajamas should be comprehensive. The ideal pajamas are knitted pajamas, which are light, soft, and stretchy. So with so many types of pajamas, how do you choose?

Wearing pajamas at home is not only a fashion, but also a sensible practice for health reasons. Buying women's pajamas is a more complicated thing than buying clothes. Pajamas must be comfortable and healthy. If you wear pajamas too casually, there may be a lot of health risks. The following will remind you to pay attention to the purchase of women's pajamas from both health and pajama fashion.

After saying goodbye to the 8-hour work time and returning home, whether it is sleeping in bed, eating, watching TV, wearing comfortable clothes, especially pajamas, is a very good choice, so how to choose pajama?

Now let me introduce to you the specific method on how to choose the right pyjamas.

fitted pajamas

In Europe and the United States, there are many types of pajamas, including suit pajamas, dress pajamas, and men's long pajamas and wide pajamas.

Pajamas are not only worn during sleep, but can also be worn before sleep and after waking up, as well as in the daily life of the family; if individuals do not have too many concerns, it is common for people in Shanghai to wear pajamas in the morning to buy breakfast There are normal things.

Although the society also advocates that sleeping naked is more healthy, it does not prevent the purchase of pajamas, especially with the improvement of quality of life and health awareness, more and more people will choose to wear pajamas at home, but the most important thing is For convenience, comfort and hygiene.

cotton pajamas

Cotton pajamas have strong hygroscopicity, can quickly absorb sweat on the skin, and are soft and breathable, which can reduce skin irritation and will not cause skin allergies and itching, so cotton pajamas are very suitable for stickers. wearing.

silk pajamas

Although silk pajamas are smooth and comfortable, beautiful and sexy, but they do not absorb sweat, they are a good choice as sexy pajamas. The color should be light and elegant, because dark dyes are harmful to health, and light and elegant colors are suitable for home wear and soothe the nerves.

Back and front panels of pajamas

The width of the back and front of the pajamas must be sufficient, and must not be too small or just right, because when you sleep with the chest, abdomen and back tightly bound, you will have terrible nightmares. In addition, pajamas should be easy to put on, easy to take off and easy to wash. Shop now using Very discount code nhs

According to the style, pajamas can be divided into: suspender type, split type and one-piece type. First of all, let's take a look at the suspender pajamas. The suspender pajamas are generally worn in summer. Due to the hot summer, sweat can easily wet people's underwear. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem and ignore it, so the suspender pajamas are produced. 

split pajamas

The biggest advantage of split pajamas is that they are comfortable to wear and easy to move around. Most women at home will choose this style of pajamas.

One Piece Pajamas

One-piece pajamas are the earliest pajamas, with a belt intercepting the waist and hugging the pajamas with the skin. Let the skin thoroughly feel the soft touch of the pajamas. Make people more beautiful.

The material of pajamas should be cotton products with good air permeability and moisture permeability. Save with Boohoo discount code nhs

From the perspective of physiological hygiene, when choosing pajamas, it is necessary to strictly require the fabric of pajamas and pay attention to the hygiene and cleanliness of pajamas, and pay attention to whether the water washing label of pajamas is marked with Category B, which can directly contact the skin, and A, which can be directly contacted by infants and young children. Class, but also consider the appearance of pajamas to make people more like.


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