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They really understand how to capture that realistic playoff atmosphere. I think this. I know that it's probably dumb to Madden 21 coins most to be large on immersion but immersion is still a big key for me. To see how 2k took steps to bring the bench, courtside, and reduced bowl of an arena to life and compare it to the lifeless madden sidelines? I do not even think referees are back in there. I hope people are ready for the hard realization that whatever this next gen game resembles is exactly what all Maddens will look like on next gen consoles. They're not making huge improvements year annually. The single shred of hope individuals had was"maybe they're saving resources to make next gen as good as you can" but it looks like they added nothing lol. 2k8 had interactable sidelines that were believable af. Meanwhile in the year 2020, the sideline does exactly the exact same dumbass jumping animation if another team has a positive drama.

I read that too but in the trailer which was released this afternoon, it still looks lifeless. It's not laziness, it is greed. Instead of EA correctly investing the funds required for Madden to become an authentic good match, they opt to line their pockets. I want a fantastic football game to playwith, but there is ZERO fucking chance I purchase a football game of the quality that Madden has been for the last couple of years. Bc a lifeless sideline is what is important!! Not gameplay!

Why make excuses for your developers? Does PC get the Next Gen upgrade? No way lmao, if they do not that is absurd. I believe its dumb too lol but this is my source on it. The press release does not say they won't, but it will specifically say"next gen consoles" without a mention of PC. Surely they'll clarify it someplace shortly. They did the exact same for FIFA 14 at 2013. The next-gen variant (to be fair, it was better for a range of reasons) was only available on PS4 and Xbox One. PC did did not see parity until the subsequent year. Same ol' song and dancing here. That is hilarious. The press release does not state they won't.

Making absolutely zero sense, thinking about the new consoles are literally based on the new Zen 2/RDNA 2 architecture that's being released right now with the Ryzen 5000 series and RX 6000 series. It should take next to no effort for them to cheap Madden nfl 21 coins port to PC. I cometely agree. I made this argument for my own girlfriend RIGHT before my response haha. Why would you not release an update for PC? EA is truly among the worst businesses of all time. Yal got mods that may make the game better anyways. Yal may be better off with the modders which treat this as a labour of love. As to madden that simply wants cash. Its the Exact Same DANM ANIMATIONS. Saw a number of the same animations in the game that they have been using for decades. Probably a dumb question but are these updates coming into the PC version too? I am just bummed because I can't carry my offline franchise data over.

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By Megaomgchen
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