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Unlike the rebellious Lilith, the lore clarifies Lucion as a very obedient follower of Mephisto, majorly from fear. Despite his brutality and hatred, Lucion's aspect of hatred"paled" in comparison to Diablo Gold their father's. Additionally, Lucion and Lilith were indicated to have been extremely close.

Lilith had undergone adjustments in her familial ties in between her first look in Diablo 2 and her eventual return in Diablo 4. For instance, Lilith initially served the Use of Andariel's Mother, being the Queen of the Succubi. However, the retcons would change Andariel to a Lesser Evil and among the minds of Tathamet, the initial Prime Evil. In turn, this could transform the boss Andariel into the aunt of Lilith, seemingly reversing their roles.

Additionally, Lilith's character as Mephisto's daughter could make her the cousin of Leah, Diablo's eventual avatar at Diablo 3.

Regardless of Inarius developing affection towards Lilith, it appears the Daughter Of Hatred cared about her own intentions than her presumed consort. Lore implies that Lilith only remained with Inarius to further her own ends, as the Archangel shared her want to"end" that the Eternal Conflict. In turn, she was able to hatch the storyline of stealing the Worldstone in order to create a universe of their own layout. This was the arrival of Sanctuary, the entire world in Diablo.

Contrary to Inarius who settled to their escape from the Conflict, Lilith wanted to do more with her freedom. Thanks to the Worldstone's power, Lilith knew she could possess the power to end the Eternal Conflict and become the winning side. All she had to do was convince Inarius of exactly the same.

At some point in time, Lilith and Inarius sired a child together, known as Linarian. No one expected a marriage between their species was even possible. Linarian, who will eventually call himself Rathma, became the first of several Nephalem: half-angel, along with buy Diablo IV Gold half-demon hybrids. Unfortunately, several angels and demons would notice the untapped potential over the Nephalem that, if used incorrectly, could imply their destruction.

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