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Hell I would be happy with EVE Mobile ISK safe loading into system. Only lost an ship before it even affluent. Yes I will certainly replace and refit the ship but not the point. It's becoming your things broken by no skill hobos when your not even able to dona thing other then see the loading screen.They did include that, you do not decloak for a full minute until you load. You playing a toaster?Why did you simply repeat what he said using another number?Why am I repeating what you said with various words?

Even if that's true a million gamers is still pretty impressive.Not at all, its not remarkable in contrast to good games.Retention is the important stat. All stats similar to this are are to fool those who do not understand any better.Doesnt mean anything unless each is a different person.This. Account count and concurrent active player count are vastly different.

Didn't they just announce as a month ago in the discord they struck 70k players? Hmm, there's imposter bots & alts among people, just saying.I mean me and several of my friends that play are not at the discord, we don't like to join a lot of them.70k players on Discord only. Our 2M statement is seeing new players at the game.I dunno if it is a reaction or whatever but the 55 individuals who employed 'suss' badge are certainly on something.Yep and how aggressive the Dev are to casual Buy EVE Mobile ISK players is making all of the whales leave. Hell after today's getting my ship destroyed"I could easily replace" ahead of the match even ended loaded I'm no longer supporting them.

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By Kin Gang
Added Jan 7


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