But what does she bring to change this complicated scenario? Tvs. Newspapers and radios no longer control communication with people inbound-marketing-tvif you went back in time. Say 15 years ago. You would see people watching tv and radio programming much more closely. Evening news was the main source of information for many people and the rest of the program was great entertainment for most households. We go back to 2013. People today receive more information from online newspapers. Social media and email than from tv. In advanced markets.

Define Your Goal

It is very common to use multiple devices while programming takes place on tv . Here in brazil we are also starting to see this: people who are on their smartphone or tablet while the tv is on. Numbers are essential latest mailing database to check how the world is changing. In 2019. The online world overtook the offline. According to a kenshoo study. And by 2023. Online will account for 2/3 of advertising spend. But the biggest mistake companies make is trying to do in the digital world what they do in the traditional world: use interruption to push their messages. Lucky for us. A revolution has begun. And as a customer. I'm very happy. 


Know Who Your Target Audience is

How inbound marketing started – permission marketing tired of seeing low results in traditional marketing campaigns that consumed fortunes to interrupt people in what they are doing . Seth godin decided to look the other way. In 1999. He released the book permission marketing . In which he preached that the right way for a company to communicate with its customers is not with massive inconvenient communication. But with offering something that attracts customers and gives give them the opportunity to interact with your brand. But what is this interruption ? It's easy to explain. You know that moment in the movie.