Diablo 2: Resurrected: The Top Farming Spots for Every Act from bertramuzi's blog

River of Flame (Act 4)Moving onto Act 4, there aren't many waypoints within the area buy D2R ladder items. That makes establishing farming spot preferences a little more difficult. Thus, the majority of players go to The River of Flame as both an investment in gold and a test to see if their players have the skills to weather some of the toughest encounters.

River of Flame has clustered monsters and lava that only a Barbarian equipped with Leap or an Sorceress with Teleport abilities can utilize at their own advantage. Additionally Hephasto the Armor will always be looking to kill the players. If they succeed in overcoming these challenges then they'll get a handsome reward.

Chaos Sanctuary a.k.a. Diablo Run (Act 4)In the event that they fail to find anything substantial or desirable within the River of Flame, players are able to move on to the next huge area, which happens to be Diablo's mainhold, Chaos Sanctuary. Additionally, it is home to the most powerful and generous enemies within the game.

If the monsters do not drop any interesting items, then Diablo himself most likely will. It's also helpful that Diablo isn't a difficult to eliminate as a boss cheap d2r items. Diablo's tactics are easy to dodge and even the most budget-friendly Bonemancer build will be able to handle him.

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