Prior authorization is a process that requires experience authorization professionals to follow a laborious workflow to approve certain treatments, medication, surgery and more and can be difficult to track. With multiple data entries, payer rule discrepancies, inconsistent payer documentation requirements and changing government mandates; managing prior authorization can be a real challenge for many.  

Prior authorization is time consuming and is quite an expensive affair for many. It's constant follow up can not only take an inordinate amount of time, which can decrease your overall productivity and waste resources but also lead to treatment delays causing adverse affect on patient outcomes. To manage the preauthorization process, it’s estimated that a provider on an average has to spend an average of $83,000 annually which is quite a costly business affair; thus today many are looking for professional help to take care of it all.  

 With more than 79 % of providers still using manual authorization systems not only do providers end up losing a lot of time but also more chances of errors are also observed. However, the error and cost that providers end up wasting on the authorization process can be greatly reduced by partnering with the right prior authorization expert who can free up clinical and administrative staff time to focus on the patient experience and improve the authorization process as well. 

Sunknowledge a better solution: 

Catering to the orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization needs, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been delivering outstanding solutions to many. From managing multiple data entries and working on inconsistent payer documentation, Sunknowledge experts following every changing government mandates and authorization regulations ensure better authorization solutions. 

With constant follow up and the right checks and balances, the experts further reduce your chances of error rate, which often leads to claim denials and loss of reimbursement. In fact, ensuring 100 % authorization till date, Sunknowledge today is known for closing the orthotics and prosthetics gaps not only faster but efficiently. Reducing the operational expenses by 80 percent, the expert also guarantee better authorization approval rate in the healthcare industry.  

So if you are looking to efficiently manage your orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization at a cost effective rate, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the ultimate solution.  To know more about how the expert can help, get in touch with the expert over a 'no commitment call'.