The cost of seeds in the Winkin shop has reduced from Kin Gang's blog

Ogleroots are now accessible from Blinkin for 10gp each. Players departing Vinesweeper with OSRS gold their flags can retrieve them from Blinkin at no cost, without being reimbursed for them. The rabbits have not been receiving enough ogleroots in their diet and it has had some strange effects. The rabbits have grown in size, making them easier to target with ogleroots. The Vinesweeper rabbits seemed to be very quick at ingesting seeds before the farmer could get there or you can stop them with an ogleroot. To solve this, you can now divert the fleas with an ogleroot in a larger space, allowing you to easily protect your own flags.

Now, after this update the once challenging mini-game is now being ranked as too easy. That really is a shame as a lot of men and women can now earn more Farming encounter cheaply and without actually Farming! People who squandered all their money on getting 99 Farming today look at this upgrade and think what a waste their money has been.

Personally, Farming now is not as hard as it once was. The Solution. How can this update not destroy Farming? How can we make it so you don't earn as much experience and gain 99 too readily? You may be wondering. Well it's a very simple solution. The same as the Assist System there is a fixed quantity of experience that you may profit from helping every 24 hours. Maybe this can be used for your own Vinesweeper mini-Buy old school runescape gold game? If this was put in position then Vinesweeper would not be as big an impact in Farming since it currently is. Thanks for reading. Please post constructive citricisum.

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