The Premier League has been urged to block a Saudi Matt Ioannidis Jersey -linked takeover of Chelsea or risk becoming an 'accomplice' in whitewashing the regime's crimes.Current owner Roman Abramovich put the club up for sale at the beginning of March, just a week before he was sanctioned by the UK Government.Since the news a number of parties have show their interest in potentially acquiring the World and European Champions, Washington Commanders Kids Jersey with Raine Group overseeing the sale of the club. , the Premier League have been urged to block any move for the club that is Saudi-linked, or they risk becoming an 'accomplice' with the regime.The report says that they have already had criticism on such a decision after the Saudi Arabian group Public Investment Fund Darrick Forrest Jersey were able to complete the purchase of Newcastle United in October.Scroll to ContinueHuman Rights Watch, who investigate and report on world abuses, want the Premier League to update their currently imposed test for Kyle Shurmur Jersey new owners, so that 'dictators and kleptocrats whitewashing their reputations' are unable to get into English football.A bid for Chelsea was made by Saudi Media Group, for the west London club.However this latest news could therefore hinder their chances of buying the club, with a number of other parties being interested in completing a takeover. that Jonathan Allen T Shirts bidders have been left frustrated with Raine Group in recent days due to a lack of communication over their upcoming shortlist decision as the search for new owners continues.Follow Absolute Chelsea on: | | |