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Relationship hour is the smoothest and joyful movement in couples life. Lots of couples are spending several hours in their relationship, they are sharing lots of things and very happy to mingle with each other for a long duration. Healthy relationship hours will help to increase the couples healthy life without causing any trouble. 

In the modern lifestyle, many couples find it very hard to manage their relationship hours. Many couples are getting frustrated during their mutual relationship hour due to several reasons. Relationship health issues create bitterness between couples and also make a relationship gap between couples.  

According to the medical terms relationship health issue is mentioned as erectile dysfunction or impotence problem. Mainly this health issue enters into the men's body and it automatically slows down men's relationship performance. This issue is halt the formation of hard erection in men gentile organ, men also getting trouble during their intercourse hour. Many men are lose their intercourse performance. 

Solution for impotence or erectile dysfunction

This health issue is overcome by using several solutions. Lots of remedies and solutions available in this world to overcome this issue. Ayurvedic treatment, non-medicine treatment and medicine treatment available to eliminate this problem. But most probably, many men are choosing medicine treatment.

Sildenafil Citrate Medicine

The Medical world provided a good solution to overcome this problem. Sildenafil citrate pill is first used to cure pulmonary problems, but after doing lots of research by medical experts, this pill is used as a solution for erectile dysfunction problems. Online sildenafil citrate 100mg pillis doing a quick action in men body and stimulates men's sexual stamina power. This medical component easily mingles with blood stream and increases erection power. Men also easily feel high erection in their gentil organ. They can also easily perform their intercourse action without getting any pain. 

Time for Action

This pill takes 40 - 60 minutes to start action in the men's body. This pill effects is stands in men body more than 6 hours. Men should seek proper doctor advice before going to take this pill, because it will not be suitable for those who are suffering with health issues like heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetic. 

Reason for impotence?

Impotence problem is entering into men's relationship life due to so many reasons, They are…

  1. Poor blood circulation

  2. Living a bad lifestyle

  3. Following fast food diet system

  4. Suffering with health issues like heart problems, strokes, prostate cancer etc…

  5. Doing surgery in gentile organ.


Men should take this pill at a light meal. Don’t consuming huge amount of water before going to start a performance. Don’t take this pill with grape juice, it might slow down the medicine action in the man's body. Avoid drinking alcohol before going to take this pill. Men who feel it is very hard to take tablets, they can take cheap sildenafil oral jellyfor good relationship performance.

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