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Given the rapid adoption of natural gas vehicles and the increased consumption of petroleum products in emerging economies, the Fuel Dispenser market is growing. Nevertheless, demand growth can be hindered by the can number of fuel stations and growing electric vehicle sales. Increasing understanding of the adverse environmental effects of vehicle pollution and increasing fuel prices are driving demand for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) as they minimize carbon monoxide pollution by more than 80 percent compared to fuel-powered vehicles. The increased usage of NGVs is therefore expected to boost demand for fuel dispensers over the forecast period.


Fuel Dispenser Market size is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 5.82% over the forecasted quarters of 2022–2030, reaching a value of USD 2,661 million and a total volume of 411.2 thousand units. The global market for gasoline dispensers is expanding as a result of the quick uptake of natural gas cars and the rising use of petroleum products in developing nations. However, the increase in fuel stations and sales of electric vehicles may impede demand growth. The demand for natural gas vehicles (NGVs), which reduce carbon monoxide pollution by more than 80% compared to fuel-powered vehicles, is growing as awareness of the harmful environmental effects of vehicle pollution and rising fuel prices increase.


As a result, it is anticipated that over the forecast period, demand for fuel dispensers would increase due to the increased use of NGVs. However, global automobile manufacturing and sales are increasing. However, the number of gas stations has been drastically decreasing. Reduced profit margins, rising real estate prices, an increase in the sales of electric vehicles, and the introduction of new mobile gasoline delivery systems could all be contributing factors. Additionally, only gasoline-powered cars and NGVs are allowed to use fuel dispensers. As a result, it is anticipated that during the forecast period, the market for fuel dispensers will decline due to rising electric vehicle sales.


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Regional Analysis :

The Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and the rest of the world are the four key regions that make up the geographical overview of the worldwide market.


On the market for fuel dispensers worldwide, Asia-Pacific is anticipated to develop significantly. In the Asia-Pacific area, urbanisation has increased demand for passenger cars. The region's gasoline dispenser market is expanding primarily as a result of the developing vehicle markets in China, India, and Japan. Asia-largest Pacific's market for fuel dispensing is China. The need for fuel dispensers is expanding in the automotive and transportation sectors. The automotive and transportation sectors have expanded significantly during the past five years, along with the number of new car registrations. The existence of important players, like Censter Science & Technology Corp., Ltd and Zhejiang Datian Machine Co., Ltd, among others, has fueled the gasoline dispenser market in China.


The rest of the world is made up of Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. The proliferation of fuel dispenser kiosks is a result of both new players entering this market and existing players expanding their distribution networks. Manufacturers of fuel dispensers now have more opportunities in the Middle East and Africa thanks to growing investments by major oil and gas companies like Schlumberger and Shell in the region's downstream oil and gas industry.


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Market Segmentation :

The application, type, product, and region have all been studied in relation to the global fuel dispenser market.

Based on the product, the market for fuel dispensers has been segmented into two categories: general fuel dispensers and self-service fuel dispensers. The general fuel dispenser segment, out of these, dominated the global market in 2018 and is predicted to continue to do so over the forecast period.

The market has been divided into submersible and suction products based on type. The submersible market category has been identified as having the biggest market share among these items, followed by suction.

The biofuel, diesel, petrol, and other segments of the worldwide fuel dispenser market have been segmented based on application. The petrol segment dominated the market in 2018 and is anticipated to continue dominating during the forecast period.


Key Players :

Gilbarco Inc. (US), Korea EnE Co., Ltd. (Seoul), Tatsuno Corporation (Japan), Dover Fueling Solutions (US), Scheidt & Bachmann Tubs d.o.o. (Croatia), Bennett Pump Company (US), LanFeng Co., Ltd. (China), NEOTEC (Greece), Piusi SpA (Italy), Censtar Science & Technology Corp., Ltd. (China) are operating in the Global market. 


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