Humans have been looking to the stars for direction for guidance since the time. Astrology, in fact, has been practiced for many thousands of years. While it's not seen as the scholarly discipline that it was centuries ago, a lot of people continue to research the effects the celestial body on our activities. The interest in astrology has increased gradually over the last few years, and has laid the foundation for its sudden rise in popularity in the present.

The latest signs of the trend in astrology can be found everywhere on the internet. It doesn't take hours surfing the web to discover the horoscope on social media or lists of zodiac-related information. Astrology memes feature almost everyone you can imagine including Hollywood stars as well as Sailor Moon characters. People also make use of apps based on astrology to evaluate compatibility with romantic partners and to understand the interrelationships between people.

While birth charts and horoscopes are just the top of the iceberg There's no doubt that people are fascinated by the astrological insights that the celestial bodies and planets can offer. Why does everyone seem to be fascinated by astrology recently? There are a variety of factors that attract people to astrology in helping people deal with anxiety and stress during challenging times or to gain more insight into the people they are.

Stress and Uncertainty

Uncertainty and stress can increase the interest of a person in astrology since "having a method of making sense of what might otherwise seem chaotic and uncontrollable would be appealing," states Stephen D. Benning, psychologist from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Astrology can also provide an assurance in uncertain times as well, he says.

According to an report from the year 2017 stress is a result of our uncertainty over the future. Furthermore an study from 2016 discovered that being uncertain about an outcome that is negative can cause more stress than knowing that it is likely to occur. In a sense the brain of a human is inherently wired to search for certaintywhich is the reason why some individuals are able to understand and provide the appearance of a plan to negative life events. Astrology might not offer definitive answers, but giving useful explanations for ambiguous or confusing circumstances can boost the individual's confidence over these situations, as per an 1997 study. It also provides assurance about the future, giving people much comfort and lessening the anxiety they feel.

"Prior research has shown that astrology may help people deal with negative life events or cope in the age of uncertainty," claims Madelyn Good, the lead evaluater at BHcare which is a community-based mental health clinic. Numerous studies have proven that people tend to look to astrology when confronting personal issues or experiencing stress in their lives as evidenced by its effectiveness in reducing tension and anxiety in stressful situations.

But it's not only it's the process itself which could be a source of comfort, but connecting with other people who have the same passion. "If enthusiasts in astrology can make connections to each other through sharing astrological information, they can also forge communities that are sources of social support in difficult times," Says Benning.


Astrology is usually viewed as restrictive, but in reality, many people might find themselves drawn by it due to the fact that it helps them become more clear about themselves and express concepts that are hard to articulate in words. This may be the reason "people experiencing a lower self-awareness are more likely to endorse astrological beliefs," according to Good. It's possible that people are involved in astrology for the purpose of understanding themselves better and enhancing the self-awareness of. Research has shown that astrology could profoundly impact as well as affirm the self-image of a person, and also increase confidence in their own qualities. In short, the ruminative character of astrology can encourage self-reflection, which allows people to see the world around them more fully.

The self-awareness derived through astrology could be due to the Barnum Effect which is the idea that people believe that generalized statements can be applied to their particular situation. "People who believe in astrology also tend to believe that generic statements of common human characteristics are accurate descriptions of themselves," Benning says. Benning. But, those who are aware tend to be much more inclined to think about their choices and consider them to be meaningful for themselves which is why astrology could prove beneficial in any case.

Increased Exposure

The growing popularity of astrology is also due in part to its growing prominence in popular culture. "We have seen celebrities publicly endorse their belief or engagement with astrology, including Lady Gaga planning her tour dates around astrological alignment [...] and Beyonce creating music as an ode to the signs," Says Good. A frequent exposure to the various aspects of astrology can spark interest in a person and then lead them to take part in the practice for themselves. Additionally the act of sharing and reading information on astrology can create communities that are based around it, according to Benning that could inspire many more people to be involved.

As like everything else around the globe, what's beneficial to some individuals may not work for other people. "The increasing popularity of astrology bolsters the need for public health research to go beyond assessing the scientific validity of astrology, and rather, elucidate how individuals engage with astrology and how this affects their overall health," Says Good. Due to its rapid increase in popularity, understanding the motives behind people's involvement with astrology and investigating its impact on wellbeing and healthis more crucial than ever before.
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