The heavy-duty equipment industry has widely facilitated the Infra industry. For example, a forklift is one such heavy machinery that accelerates the project’s progress. Also, there are several types of forklifts. 


For example, heavy-duty forklifts are best suited for construction site lifting. Besides, they are also deployed on ports as dry docks use the machine to load/unload cargo. On the other hand, terrain forklifts are built to cater to material movement processes over rocky, hilly, or unstable terrains. 


Featuring Top-Selling Forklifts from ACE & Toyota 


ACE AF 60D Heavy-Duty Forklift 


This machine comes with 6000 kg of operating weight. This particular feature delivers a high output of infra projects. Additionally, with a turning radius of 1600 mm, the model aids in smooth operation in compact space. 


Moreover, its optimum ground clearance provides the needed stability to the equipment. This subsequently increases the safety during the operations as well. 


Besides, the length of the face of the forks is around 1220 mm, ultimately enhancing the model’s efficiency. Furthermore, the price range of this heavy-duty forklift is between Rs. 19 Lakh and 21 Lakh. 


Toyota 30-8FGJ35 Rough Terrain Forklift 

Toyota 30-8FGJ35

This is rightly the best-performing forklift in India. To begin with its features, the machine can lift materials to 3500 kg. This subsequently increases the work productivity of infra projects. 

Additionally, the turning radius of 2490 mm gives the forklift an advantage over rough terrains. Moreover, this model in one go can load up to 3500 kg. This particular functionality reduces downtime by increasing productivity.

Besides, the total length of the face of the forks is 2865 mm. Overall, the price range of this rough terrain forklift is quite reasonable in India. 


So, which forklift type will be your next purchase? Well, whatever be the requirement, InfraJunction covers it all within your budget.