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Can't defend against recording? "Being recorded", as the name implies, refers to passively being recorded without one's knowledge. Most of the recorders have "impure motives", either for evidence collection or for other purposes. From the perspective of evidence collection in civil litigation, according to Article 63 of the Civil Procedure Law, recording evidence should belong to audiovisual materials. Then which recording evidence in civil litigation will become an important basis for the judge to determine the facts. Let us now Talk about the recording evidence in civil litigation.

Which recording evidence will be accepted by the judge. According to Article 104 of the Judicial Interpretation of the Civil Procedure Law, “The People’s Court shall organize the parties to cross-examine the authenticity, legality, and relevance of the evidence to be proved, and against the evidence Explaining and debating without the force of proof and the strength of proof. Evidence that can reflect the true situation of the case, is related to the facts to be proved, and whose source and form comply with legal requirements shall be used as the basis for determining the facts of the case. The evidence shall be authentic , Legitimacy, and relevance can be accepted by the court. Therefore, recording evidence should also have the above three characteristics in order to be recognized and adopted by the court.

What kind of recording evidence is deemed to satisfy the three characteristics. According to Article 15 of the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues Concerning Evidence in the Civil Procedure Law, “If the parties use audiovisual materials as evidence, they shall provide the original carrier for storing the audiovisual materials", Article 71 of the Civil Procedure Law "The people's court shall distinguish the authenticity of audiovisual materials, and combine with other evidence in this case to review and determine whether it can be used as a basis for determining facts", "Judicial Interpretation of the Civil Procedure Law", 100 Article 6 "Evidence formed or obtained by a method that seriously infringes on the lawful rights and interests of others, violates the prohibition of the law, or seriously violates public order and good customs shall not be used as the basis for determining the facts of the case". Generally, recording evidence cannot be used alone as a verdict The basis should be supported by other evidence, and the recording evidence should be provided with the original carrier, such as mobile phones, voice recorders, etc. The source of the recording evidence should be legal, and the recording evidence should not be obtained by infringing on the privacy of others, such as placing secret recording equipment in other people's residences, workplaces, or other illegal means such as coercion, otherwise it will be deemed invalid. In addition, the recording evidence should be unprocessed, continuous, complete, and authentic, and the recorded content should be clear and accurate, and both parties should clearly state the issues discussed and their statements.

How to prevent being recorded by criminals?

The latest L7B recording jammer developed by Jammer-mart is upgraded on the basis of the original equipment. The FPGA-based ultrasonic noise algorithm eliminates the high-frequency noise of the old equipment. It has added various brands of mobile phones and recording equipment that have been on the market in the past two years. The information is very obvious for new recording equipment and mobile phone recording.

desktop signal blocker

The most effective way to prevent recording is to generate random noise signals through the recording masker, which will suppress the voice signal, so that the recording equipment picks up only noise information, but cannot distinguish the voice information and cannot restore it from the recorded signal. The original information is output to ensure the security of voice information. The recording signal jammer adopts security encryption processing, and effectively prevents post-recovery by mixing high and low frequency audio sources.

Our self-developed FPGA-based ultrasound with noise algorithm can effectively interfere with digital devices such as mobile phones and voice recorders, can record noise in, and completely eliminate the harsh sound that a few people can hear. The sound waves emitted by the anti-recorder can only be received by digital products such as mobile phones and voice recorders but cannot be heard by humans. Compared with other anti-recorders, there is no buzzing noise, and it can quietly guard the conversation environment and is not easy to be noticed.

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