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In the idyllic Danube valley, ride a motorcycle in Melk, bike by the water to Krems, and enjoy elegance. Before postponing departure, just spend the perfect time visiting Melk Abbey, an unrestricted monastery situated on the aforementioned rocky outcrop of the river. The chapel is full of gold, and the pottery-style library (with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves) stores medieval manuscripts.

In summer, the riverside route with historic towns along the way exudes the fragrance of apricot orchards. The higher slopes are full of vineyards (listed by UNESCO), and on the top is a passionate castle.

Before returning to Melk, take a closer look at the magnificent church buildings and magnificent Baroque buildings in Krems, Vienna, and then ride with Melk's (alternative) alternative financial institutions. Admire the unique scenery of the charming river valley.

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