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The use of drones to replace fireworks at celebrations and concerts has increased significantly over the past 12 months. Aside from the obvious "wow" factor of this introduction to drone technology as a entertainment tool, using drones instead of fireworks is also more environmentally friendly. They're reusable, don't scare our pets, but are safer. "out of the box"?A drone incident that recently occurred at such a light show in Taiwan shows the importance of embedding cybersecurity in the use of drones for security reasons.48 of 800 ... more
jammers Oct 29 '20 · Tags: drone jammer
According to a report from Russia on August 20, a convoy was found in Libya, including vehicles built by the Belarusian Minsk truck factory equipped with Groza-S anti-UAV electronic war station. This system can be used in Libya. On the battlefield, armed UAVs controlled by Turkey were directly "shot down" mainly through drone jammer to force them to crash. It is speculated that the equipment belongs to Russian "Wagner" mercenaries. According to the Russian side, a large number of Russian mercenaries are currently gathering ... more
jammers Aug 26 '20 · Tags: drone jammer