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For many schools, as the day of the college entrance examination is approaching, they are now preparing equipment and materials for the examination room everywhere. Among them, the test signal jammer is undoubtedly a very important one, because it is an effective way to prevent the examination room High-tech equipment with cheating behaviors, so schools are very cautious about the choice of test signal cheaters. They must have professional strength and happy equipment. Among them, greatjammer is a company that can provide high-perfor... more
The cell phone signal jammer is to shield the mobile phone from receiving the signal of the base station, it will attenuate when encountering obstacles. If it is a reinforced concrete solid wall, the attenuation after penetration is very large; if it is made of gypsum board, the attenuation should be smaller; if it is made of glass or wood, there is basically not much attenuation. Today, Texin Electronics tells you how to install your mobile The signal jammer signal becomes stronger.Step 1: Take a used can and clean it, pul... more
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