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The new Vince Carter Signature Challenge is probably the most recent piece of Season 2 – Next is Now We additionally observed the appearance of a free Zion Williamson 96 OVR Free Agent card for use in the occasional substance. There's likewise the Pink Diamond Blake Griffin available to anyone for arriving at Level 40, so continue crushing!  As the November political race moves nearer in the United States, another two-section arrangement formally dispatched in the NBA 2K21 MT game. The initial segment ... more
linxue Jan 7 · Tags: nba 2k21 mt
From the new and the hyped version, when you start to shoot with the buttons, a Shot Meter will appear above your head like in 2K19. However, the goal is no longer to fill it up entirely. Instead, you are going to want to release once the'ticker' reaches on 2K21 MT the highlighted yellow section inside the pub. It will be in a different spot depending upon your player's ability level, your position on the courtroom and how heavily contested the drama is. Nevertheless, you'll want to launch once in'the yellow'. If you time it exact... more
Nanlina Nov 24 '20 · Tags: nba 2k21 mt
Here is actually the worst basketball game I have ever played with time. I have been trying to request a refund on Microsoft. How do you take one step forward and two steps back? Wtf is MT 2K21 with all the brand new shot meter? It is terrible! And of course nonstop wide bricks. Fuck this game.Can we just shut up about content for one day? 2k always have a great deal of promos but they also drop Opals then a month later give you the exact same player but a lesser overall. Additionally, it does not help madden that the season has n... more
Nanlina Nov 16 '20 · Tags: nba 2k21 mt
Yeah I played with a few similar shooting assembles to test badges a few. I only tried the elastic release once and obtained a similar thing. That game I was trying the shot adhere more. I am looking forward to 2kLab's badge testing. If shooting will require higher stats (through Mike Wang's tweet), then I am wondering if they buffed the NBA 2K21 MT Coins badges.Dunno in the event that you played shooter in presentation but for me every slightly early/late shot triggered flexible release. Not positive if it is a bug, or they buffed b... more
Nanlina Oct 23 '20 · Tags: nba 2k21 mt
I agree. or just create the lineup logic much more flexible. There aren't five places in basketball and lineups are one of MT NBA 2K21 the only ways. It would be cool to find the terrible coaches have weirder lineups that create mismatches, etc. NBA 2K21 is already so smart and complicated, but the CPU in 2K20 could be defeated now by simply placing more thoughtful lineups out on the court. Fix two-way contracts and introduce ten-day contracts. They ought to be a choice to become reflective of the true NBA. Idk how they'd do it,... more
Xiamu Aug 16 '20 · Tags: nba 2k21 mt
In case you did not know, another NBA 2K21 won't do shipping. Rather, They will request that you pay 70 dollars for NBA 2K21 MT Coins the next gen version. Or pay 99 dollars to find both versions. A lot of people have defended the decision by pointing out that increasing the cost of games to 70 bucks is significant due to inflation. Gambling has stayed 60 bucks for 2 decades, and games used to cost a lot more (such as the N64 era for example). Here's why I feel this is wrong: First of all, let us talk inflation. While it's correct... more
Xiamu Jul 29 '20 · Tags: nba 2k21 mt