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If you are suffering from night cramps and wake up suddenly at night due to the pains and itching. These symptoms indicate that your problem is serious and needs to be treated. It might be possible that you are suffering from venous insufficiency i.e spider veins or varicose veins. In such cases, consult a vein specialist la Jolla to determine the precise mode of vein treatment near me California


What are spider veins?

Spider veins are a bunch of defective veins that are noticed close to the surface of the skin and their structure resembles spider webs or tree branches. These veins are small in size and give the appearance of blue blood vessels that can be noticed under the surface of the skin.  However, these veins don’t cause any harm but can be a sign of venous insufficiency within the damaged veins that can occur in any part of the body. 

What causes spider veins?

However, there are many underlying causes of the occurrence of spider veins. One of the major ones is the additional pressure in the veins. This problem may be genetic and can transfer from one generation to another. There are many other reasons also such as extra body weight, hormonal imbalance, ingestion of birth control pills, increased pressure in the abdomen such as tumors, constipation, and externally worn garments like girdles, etc.  

Moreover, it may be caused due to direct exposure to harmful sun rays or previous vein surgery. 

Besides the appearance of patchy red and blue veins, they are visible through the skin, you may also experience; 

  • Inflammation in the legs
  • Feeling of heaviness in the legs
  • Feeling of tiredness in the legs

Laser Treatment: How Is It Performed?

With the progression of medical science, there are multiple types of spider vein treatment California are available to deal with such conditions. Previously, the elimination of spider veins was hard and thought to be a tedious process. Such abnormal veins are treated with lasers. Laser vein treatment is a type of clinical procedure that does not include any incisions, surgery, or injections.  

Most people are choosing this form of spider vein treatment near me California

 as it is completely safe and offers a better solution to venous insufficiency issues. 


Laser Treatment:

A vein doctor near me La Jollauses a powerful light on the affected area to ensure the elimination of spider veins. This treatment is recommended when your veins are swollen or causing severe pain in the legs. 

Who is the right candidate for the treatment?

This sort of treatment is suitable for people who are non-smokers and who are psychologically and emotionally stable. Another benefit of going through laser treatment is that it does not leave any scar or bruises behind on the treated area. Therefore, this treatment is considered the safest one and should be performed only by a vein specialist near me La Jollaat an authorized vein center to get expected results. The treatment can take fifteen to twenty minutes under a professional’s supervision. It can involve seventy to hundreds of injections. The number of injections may be different depending on the size of the treatment. 

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