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Some of us are not born with full, shapely buttocks, so they would work for them by exercising. However, there are cases when working out will not produce the best results. Some women would have full buttocks but they would lose the volume due to aging or the result of drastic weight loss. In that case, there is a cosmetic procedure called, 'Brazilian butt lift', which uses liposuction to get excess fat from other areas of the body (i.e. thighs or abdomen) and transfer it to the buttocks. If you are considering this surgery, here are the top three things you must know about it.



 Only a cosmetic surgeon can conduct this procedure 

You do not have to go to Brazil for a butt lift . You just need to find a reputable board-certified and established cosmetic surgeon who has a good track record of successful procedures involving fat transfer to the buttocks in the US. Make sure that you are working with a professional who has attained the highest qualifications in BBL(Brazilian butt lift) procedures, and that surgeon is listed in the Specialist Register with the General Medical Council.

The reason why you need a certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon for this procedure is that it is an inpatient procedure that is performed under general anesthesia, and it involves making small incisions. Seasoned surgeons will ensure minimal scarring that will not affect your look. Moreover, they can help reduce your chances of having complications, like botched surgery and bacterial infections.

 Silicone implants may be used 

The procedure is typically conducted by transferring fat to the buttocks, but in case there is not enough fat, a cosmetic surgeon will suggest buttock implants in the US to improve the volume. Implants may be used to achieve a firmer contour, too, in case you are not satisfied with only fat serving as natural fillers.

 You need to be aware of some risks 

Like any other surgical procedure, there are risks and precautions you need to take with a Brazilian butt lift. You can reduce your risk by being honest with the cosmetic surgeon about your entire medical history and take the course of antibiotics and painkiller medications that will be prescribed after the procedure. Moreover, you need to follow doctor's orders, such as not working for at least three weeks and wearing support garments to prevent impairing the results.


How to Get a Bigger Butt? 

Besides taking the bbl surgery it is highly recommended to workout, for at least 15 mins daily. Here are some of the exercise names which you should opt for- 

  • Walking lunge with weights 
  • Clamshell
  • Donkey kicks 
  • Banded side steps 
  • Jumping squats 
  • Single deadlifts 
  • Glute bridge 
  • Cardio exercises
  • Walk or jogging in hilly areas
  • Kettlebell swings 
  • Scissor kicks 


4 tips to make your buttocks look bigger!

Here are some things which make your butt look bigger and properly shaped. 

  1. Thin your waistlines 
  2. Use butt enhancing pads 
  3. It’s all an illusion 
  4. Use butt enhancing creams 

Get the best surgical procedure with Further, exercise and proper diets would lessen the long-lasting effect of your bbl surgery. So make your decision wisely!

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