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Special Items(Usually not marked on the top 100): There are special items like particular kinds of fish or ores that most people will never find on the top 100 since they do decrease at a quick rate, it's not enough to be found on the list. This is where the retailer clans make all their cash, they will take roughly an hour of the time to look up costs on items that are known previously for going from rock bottom to sky high in a matter of 3 days or even less. An individual can do this either one of two ways... search the internet for these types of items(I will provide a little list for those interested) or using a program delegated to locating the OSRS gold very best of the top items to merch for this week. (Have just seen you, and it is on my computer since it's home made lol) These items are extremely hard to find even though they are found mainly to be essentials like food and"skilling items" Here's a list of things I are the top things to merch over short intervals, just buy a few of your friends in on it so they will be able to let you raise prices by buying more of one type of an item!

Fundamental Special Merching Item List (My personal Top 10(not in any particular order)): Uncut Sapphires, Uncut Rubies, Uncut Diamonds, Swordfish (I advise purchasing just cooked), Lobster (Again, only cooked), Ring of Dueling, Fury (Make sure that you purchase two or one at a time and no more as soon as the prices are reduced then 15m), Yew Longbow (An alchers best buddy ), Maple Longbow(un ) (Fletchers best friend), Oak Planks (Constructors best friend(only buy when price is under 500gp)).

Well there is my personal top ten that I merch using... I am only giving this information away as I'm done with runescape merchanting as I'm focused on spending all my money on abilities today. Good Luck to everybody! :huh: (Oh and sorry if I posted this at the incorrect place, move it to the right place if you must)

I can't actually say much to the female voice. I am really at a loss as to what are behind the door, possibly someone associated with Buy old school rs gold Zaros? I only hope it is someone interesting and there is some story behind it and not just a"Here's a new boss. Fight, stab, kill" Update. I'm praying to God they use there random dungeon generator to bring an excess challenge before the boss. AS for teamwork, why not have a mechanic at which he disables a player and someone else wants to free themthat's the easiest approach.

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