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Karamja in general could use an update. South of Brimhaven it resembles a major square, not very realistic looking. To get from city to city, the figures needed to walk for days. Most of the time was spent walking through lawless woods, where RS gold there was constant danger of attacks from bandits, outlaws, and so on.

The novel is fictitious, but I believe it's mostly true with regard to land between major towns. The only areas in Runescape where this feeling is present would be the Wilderness and the Kharidian desert. Both of these are large, relatively dangerous (especially to a unexperienced traveller ), rather than packed to the gills with content.

First of all, I believe the lodestone network should be removed. It kills any sense of adventure even for brand new players who just have to walk to a specific place once. Second, clan camp ought to be shrunk to perhaps a quarter of its current size. It removed a substantial (in dimension ) forest and induced the Falador-Rimmington-Port Sarim region to become unrealistically united together.

Finally, I think there ought to be some additional dangers to the"wilderness" between towns. This could be outlaws coming out to strike youpersonally, natural events, and so forth. Jagex strove to create it by presenting level 5 highwaymen, but they're insignificant to all players over level 10 and don't pose any dangers to those that Buy old school runescape gold are smart enough to run. These risks would correspond to a skill level and could be less common at elevated levels. They'd come from nowhere and fight only you, very similar to old random events. This would probably help prevent botting too. I would advocate the enlarging of the map too, but that would be pretty hard.

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