Dragon Boots - Regen Bracelet - Barrow gloves from Kin Gang's blog

For boots get some Dragon Boots, gloves try for Barrows Glvoes or if you cant get them a RuneScape gold combat bracelet. Amulet there's 2 chocies, a fury in case you've got enough money or a glory if you're short on cash. To get a cape there are too many choices, simply get the best that you can. If you are training strength the single best thing you'll need is that a dragon guardian - this is your priority!

Can you sell it back to pay for a skill level target such as 85 herblore? No. - Presuming he doesn't have funds to start with, there's nothing to sell back. Would you earn more $ at the hrs invested to get it? Yes. - There is no way you would be able to earn enough cash for BCP at the time necessary to receive a torso. In conclusion: Torso isn't worth getting. Period. - If you don't have the money available it is a great alternative. The only drawback I see for slayer is the small prayer bonus loss. The defence bonus reduction is negligible.

The average money maker is about 1m an hr. It'll take an inexperienced gamers around that much time to master BA and after that, he'd have the money for BCP. I never mentioned the Runescape 2107 gold def bonus matters. If you detect in my other threads, I favor str into def anyday of the week. And you can not market torso back, so that point is negligible. I can assure you that the"average" money maker is much less than 1m an hour. There are actually just a few methods that make that far.

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