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For some reason that this year the A.I seems a whole lot less self aware than at 2k21 mt pc and due to it, it's lot more difficult to attempt to intercept a pass on defense. My user controlled participant won't go for an animation which intercepts the pass even if I jump before the pass to intercept it. Players in general feel incredible slow compared to 2k19, I don't like it. The issue of wanting our player to drive to the rim to attempt layup or a dunk but takes a jumper seems a lot more uncontrolled than in previous decades.

Also when I'm on a one on one break more often than not the game will offer me a layup animation that has a low success of scoring. Like Iggy will get a success layup animation, and I am not talking about a 68 total MyCareer participant, I am talking about a player. In other words, in 2k20 I feel like I have little control of what's going to happen it feels like cartoon roulette when I drive to the rim this year. A slasher was made by me and baseline can't be driven by me anymore. If I drive baseline and try to reverse or dip or anything that I get this jump step into a greatly contested layup. It's infuriating.

May 2k no longer employ a cinematic storytelling for the MyCareer mode. May 2k allow the user the privilege of producing their particular story/path by the choices made through a line a questioning. Allow us the privilege of deciding on a name/nickname since it increases the experience of the manner truly allowing it to be MY CAREER out of a listing of names that are prerecorded which may be used for cutscenes. We please curate arena music and our own menu songs. (Much like MLB the Display ). Allow us the privilege of editing tunes to increase the menu music/arena music together with reverb along with other SFX.

Reduce the cost of items that are aesthetics/cosmetic especially accessories and shoes. NBA players are not spending thousands of dollars to play in-game. We shouldn't spend tens of thousands of VC on sneakers to perform in especially after we're drafted in the first round. It simply is not realistic. Maintain the draft mix and depending on our draft position, allow us the liberty of a shoe deal. Picks within the top 5 have a shoe deal before they have played NBA game. Let us that luxury as well. It's more realistic that a high selection has on brand shoes compared to generic 2k shoes. One facet of the game is to live such as an buy mt for 2k21 player. Allow us the privilege of buying a home (Crib) and vehicles not only a MyCourt. Allow us the liberty to walk in and outside of our home (Crib) to the garage and into a car or truck. Similar to NFL and GTA 2k5.

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