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Goddamnit. I didn't even watch this MT 2K21 game and now I am mad. Patient zero his head shaking no in the end also. Hate when this happens. As a wolves fan we had that CP3 snitch untucked jersey loss which has been equally as infuriating.You can certainly tell that he inquires and talks to the reporter in a way that won't get him fined.

So Wilt's total points per game average for that stretch would be 64.3 ppg off human scoring and assists (no three point , all 2 point aids ).In Dame's best ten game stretch for total scoring, he also averaged 41.5/9.4.

One caveat you mentioned is that Wilt may have had a better 10 game stretch elsewhere. I doubt it, given his 100 point game is at that stretch. But it's potential. The next is that I don't know if and-ones are counted at the stat. If they're, we 1s and do not really have any way to know how many of Wilt's aids led in. That said, in that situation, half of his 22 aids would have needed to lead to an excess point for to 65.4 total ppg. That seems improbable.

I believe NBA 2K21 was a while following kobe passed away

They were our very first game since we cancelled the Clippers game the night afterwards after Kobe passed. Dame completely lit us up.That stretch was just stratospheric. Unquestionably among the hottest stripes in NBA history.He had a terrific interview near the end of that stretch where he replied that the game has turned into considerably simpler for him - he had been visiting the floor otherwise and felt that he could control the match how he wanted.Then watching his games after that you could really see how well he had been manipulating the opposing defense seemingly at will. Incredibly enjoyable to see.

This is a take that is hot, but Dame may have experienced the best 6-game elongate in history this season - even when accounting for Wilt. His averages were percent shooting (57% from 3 on over 14 attempts per match!!!!) .

Points-contributed is a hard stat to pin down, but in Wilt's greatest 6-game stretch (which comprises his 100 point Buy NBA 2K MT Coins game) he created 381 points by scoring, and 34 out of passing, putting him at 415 through 6 matches. The 3pt line did not exist back then, but even if we assume all of his assists would have been 3's in this age, that only adds 17 points and puts him 12 points shy of Dame's record.And he nuked OKC last year.He was the rocket killer come on.Bru was only casually hitting 6 threes per game lmao.
Imagine if someone with 50 driving dip could posterize 3 defenders by simply"greening" a dunk. That will take skill, but it does not really make sense, correct? So why should non-shooters be able to hit any three just by"greening" it? Not the same. I believe that when a player becomes skilled enough to shoot a construct with 50 3pt you shouldn't take greens away. I believe MT 2K21 should reward skill.How is that distinct? If somebody is skilled enough with a 50 steal rating to green steals then they should have the ability to green steals. They should be able to green dunks if someone is skilled enough using a 50 driving dunk then to dunks.The NBA 2K21 Female MyPlayer Drama Is Ridiculous

Ever since the flow around NBA 2K21 with a female MyCareer narrative, I've seen tons of posts and videos. Some say we have to just have a different neighborhood from them altogether or that if they are permitted in the same area as men they will refuse to play with/against them. Why? Is your masculinity going to be stripped away from you by getting your virtual participant crossed up by a lady in a virtual basketball game or dunked on?

I know, seeing female MyPlayers breaking ankles and performing flashy dunks isn't"realistic," and that is the shield which opposers of female MyPlayers hide behind. But this is NBA 2K we're talking about. Nobody wishes to bring up realism when people are rate fostering, moonwalking and levitating around the courtroom with dribble moves, shooting 90% from Curry variety with hands in their faces and performing backflip jump shot landings then, dunking on multiple centers with a 6'3" guard, the mad events we've like the top, or wearing the ridiculous outfits individuals wear the playground. And all that is okay! I don't play a video game to see and do things I can see and do in life.

It comes in a spot of misogyny, if we would like to admit it or not. I think that it's cool that the female friends I do have that play NBA 2K get some representation in NBA 2K21. In the day's conclusion, it is a game. We shouldn't be offended or take it like a terrible thing when people want to feel included in a NBA 2K21 match about sports that is about attracting people together.

I concur 100%. I don't know how people think it's"pressured women's empowerment". They're just trying to enlarge their audience. In addition, I see people saying that it is taking resources away when they have no proof. 2K wouldn't have added it if it took away from the primary Buy NBA 2K MT Coins game. The 2K community really needs to stop being so hypocritical when it comes to removing prejudice.I'd play a female my career to find out how it looks. Although builds would probably be a lot different. Size would likely have most female players at a disadvantage. Compare WNBA player's average height to the NBA player. Really difference. It would be intriguing to see how it would be balanced by them at the playground.
Yeah I'm sure they're doing that. Even though it states different teams, I'm glad there is some type of cooperation to assist feel the enhancement. Because that's what occurred with NBA 2K MT The majority of us expected next-gen to be lacking attributes and barebones. I can see the occurring. I feel the NG features that are exclusive were built ground up. Which made it easier for that team since the base was already done.On Monday morning, its soundtrack was announced by 2K for NBA 2K21.

In total there will be 52 songs at start including tracks from Pop Smoke and deceased artists Juice WRLD. You can listen to the soundtrack now.

The version of NBA 2K21 will include tunes and will comprise 202 monitors. After launch, the next-gen soundtrack will then be updated with new songs spanning throughout R&B, hip-hop, electronic, pop and rock.

"This year we are able to bring the soundtrack to completely new heights using a highly-curated track record powered by next-gen technology along with a cover athlete in Damian Lillard who is adding unreleased tracks; collectively embodying the NBA 2K21 theme - Everything is Game."

NBA 2K21 MyTeam Must Have One FeatureIt Will Not Be Worth Playing Again This Year

Regrettably, by February of every year, MyTeam has become a gluttonous mess that is harder for me to take seriously even when searching through my MyTeam fantasy-filtered eyeglasses. I know that it's a fantasy manner and micro-transactions are big business, but in some point, fans and 2K need to know when to push away from your table.

Fans need to realizethey likely have enough cards to compete, and 2K has to say to themselves, we likely do not need to release the 999th Galaxy Opal, despite the fact it will obviously create a spike on virtual bunch purchases. I am not against micro-transactions generally, but things get a bit out of hand with MyTeam if you don't put your hand over the top of the proverbial coffee cup. At launch, MyTeam has balance.

There are not a wealth of overpowered cards and consumers need to really find lower-level Buy 2K MT players that may succeed. One of the most interesting things to do in MyTeam is to discover that Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby or Amethyst that performs above its stone level. Unfortunately, right around what's generally the All-Star Break, all hell breaks loose and the manner is bombarded with overpowered nonsense and a lot of the strategy goes out the window.
Totally agree. Looking back on it, it's been a time like this. The absolute decline started in Mut 21 coins. They shifted to the Frostbite engine, which stated that the lack of content and client care in the later half of 17. 18, I was patient with them for attempting to get the brand new engine to run easily, and there was lots of good stuff, like you say. But the content was not there. Because they had been working on another match and as early as the year earlier, it dried up. That sounds good, but they did exactly the same from 15 to 16 and from 16 to 17, without needing to dry up any content there was. Years, there was the hope that it might go back to the kind of 17. I don't have that hope.

The word"cycle" must be highlighted more in your rant. Every year, most of us restart the team construction process in July/August. Then when April/May roll about we are here whining about MUT Content. This was consistent because Madden 19. I'm not casting any shade on anyone here since Madden Football is but man, it is crazy ai not it? This was my very first year entirely committing everything (except my bank account) into MUT. I played maddens in the past and stop out on Madden 19 early shifting to PS4 from Xbox 1. I had a fantastic time considering unless some buddies wanted to do duos or squads, I did not like to play online. Finished off with a 97 overall team along with the lack of articles today allows me to play with the Display. I'll be purchasing Madden NFL 21 in hopes of a year of content but that I believe EA will obtain their stuff shortly after hearing the neighborhood.

How can Mut Madden 21 the 2020 season is cancelled?

I don't think it's going to come to that. It will definitely be a bizarre season but I can not envision the league not needing one and dropping the money. It could, 95 players tested now and pre period was cancelled. I wouldn't fret. Every other major sports league has found a method, and the NFL is the league in America so they will. The players want to play with, it is merely a matter of assuring that it is safe. The negotiations between NFLPA and the NFL are already looking better.

The 95 evaluations that are positive are for any participant who has tested positive through the whole of this pandemic. 95 although it seems large is just about 5.5percent of cheap Madden 21 coins players (and that percentage just counts the players which make the 53 man roster), and now they wish to lower it to under 5 percent so they do not have very much to go. I might be wrong, but I am really optimistic that the NFL will occur this season, and Madden won't be impacted. It seems that the 95 number was for staff members and all players, so in that case the percentage is much lower and it is even less worrying when it comes to if there'll be a season.
However, you must look at that fact as leagues need fewer that a NFL game has need hundreds of non Mut 21 coins players at the game like some media medical staff and coaches. It will be hard although they will find ways to reduce that number of other people. A great deal more needs to occur to get a conclusion of the nfl season. The nfl has a shit ton of resources and they make billions. It might be brief or something like that, although the nfl season will happen. The revenue from advertisements alone is crazy. I believe we will find out these men shake the virus. That is my prediction anyway.

I really don't think the NFL will cancel the season but I do believe it'll get suspended at a single stage. Likely NBA-like. It won't be cancelled but I think we'll be without a year for 2-3 weeks, and EA is just probably duck their heads in the sand. They're able to do release cards and a year sim based on that for TOTY and TOTW, can be. Assuming EA does their due diligence? They will have to bank on release and nostalgia content around players that are past. Old fan favorite madden players, more legends, maybe upgrade older busy players for their"younger variations".

In case you have played Call of Duty that you are familiar with this create-a-class system called Select 10. For those of you oblivious about what this system is here is a quotation from the Call of Duty Wiki regarding Pick 10. "As its title implies, the Select Six system gives the participant the ability to choose ten elements to make up their own loadout. Each element costs one Allocation Point, which can be anything from a primary weapon, secondary weapon, weapon attachments, grenades, gadgets, and perks."

Tons of COD players love this system because it allows customization and creativity that creates a participant environment which I think is something that cheap Mut 21 coins lacks. Every single day I see posts concerning the lack of diversity from the sport because of chems and the absence of creativity in creating a team because every player can find any chem. In my situation where Pick 10 is implemented into MUT Madden 21, here is how it will be put up.
Is Jagex contemplating creating & releasing an updated game customer, or are you pleased allowing third party developers capture the market and to do so on? How are decisions made in regards to long-term business approaches for RuneScape (instead of what we've seen with RuneScape gold project-based content development)? Both for you personally as a member of direction, and for your business as a whole.

What do you see as the long-term business strategy for RuneScape? Together with the stance of not adding MTX, there has to be a method attract new players and to keep your playerbase. We have not heard much about this because, although we have seen mobile which has appeared to be a change. It appears all focus has been on improving player experience that is new, but I am hoping to hear you talk about a long term goal.

What content are you talking to as recycled? The majority of these are from rs2 not RS3. I understand the argument but nevertheless, get your facts right. These examples are simply silly. How would you avoid that if the two matches are basically items' power, along with the same can only progress upwards? This BiS maul? Although not looking anything like this oh, it is obviously the chaotic maul. Inferno is your kiln. Despite being distinct. Then things like D claws were something that the community wanted to see return. Ultimately code they have to model and equilibrium everything from scratch.

The poll that was significant was seeing comp cape rework. I'm legally curious as to why they wish to eliminate the voting structure and rather have gamers"speak loudly" about what they wish to see instead.

When they don't like voting systems because that"locks Jagex to a style choice which may or may not be what Jagex wants" then I'd suggest some kind of suggestion box system where players can submit ideas and players may then vote on which ideas they want to see promoted (i.e. speak loudly about them). The forums are obsolete, we can utilize a modernized system to ease this. That's just my two cents.

I dont believe the voting system functions as well with old school runescape buy gold because of the majority of the populace is maxed or high level and could greatly skew content. RuneScape is in need of some content being reworked and redone. For the player experience coming back a few of the old content is horrifying as a player. Process remains a train wreck for a new player.
Those were the times. I guess he makes a little harmless comment here and there but you can bet he is gonna maintain a 2K21 2Ktv episode talking about just how much better nba2k21 myteam coins feels.probably not fair to single him out, all of them do the same shit and then tweet out the normal"NBA 2K21 we played at the 2K party isn't NBA 2K21 they published do not blame us". I used to see shakedown2012. I quit watching because lots of his content was just starting to become kind of cringy and the quantity of sound effects in his videos were just annoying (to me personally ).

However, I understand he must do what he got to do to keep the views count up and be entertaining. I have learned to not listen to plenty of YouTubers if they can't maintain their guns. Can't talk trash about NBA 2K21 then purchase the new one on day uno. The previous 2K game I paid in full was 2K16 and since then I do not buy the new one till they are on discount.

I think that the biggest difficulty is that the minority of individuals who invest so much money on NBA 2K21 it may as well count as the entire 2K inhabitants, the whales. They keep the profits. No matter what we, the majority, say about wanting an actually very good match, it doesn't matter. 2K understands the whales will consume whatever garbage they create so they keep getting away with this bullshit. It's ridiculous. That goes for almost any sport using MTX.

For real. This is a unique situation in which the government must intervene and put brakes on this greed. It's apparent that most rules do not work in any way, our voices have been drowned out by the whales. Worse with 2K as well as their parent Take Two, they have the ESRB and PEGI inside their own pocket so even when there casinos in how to buy mt nba 2k21, they'll pass it off as a E for everyone. This is a unique situation in which the government needs to intervene and put brakes on this greed. What? I despise MTX and monetizing the shit out of my games, but it is a video game. Why on earth would the government step in on this? That is completely absurd.
But I know he must do what he got to do to keep the views count upward and be entertaining. I have learned not to listen to a lot of YouTubers when they can not keep their guns. Can't talk trash about where to buy mt 2k21 then purchase the new one on day uno. The previous 2K match I paid full was 2K16 and since then I do not get the new one till they are on discount.

I think that the biggest problem is the minority of individuals who spend as much money on NBA 2K21 it may as well count as the whole 2K inhabitants, the whales. They keep the profits rolling in. Regardless of what we, the majority, say about needing an actually good match, it doesn't matter. It's ridiculous. That goes for almost any sport with MTX. 90% of the players don't touch MTX, but the whales (streamers, diehard fans, etc.) which constitute 10% of the player base account for the majority of the earnings.

For real. This is a unique situation where the government must intervene and put brakes with this greed. It's clear that the majority rules don't work in any way, our voices have been drowned out by the whales. Worse with 2K and their parent Require Two, they possess the ESRB and PEGI inside their own pocket so even when there casinos at NBA 2K21s, they will pass it off as a E for everyone. This is a special situation. What? I hate MTX and monetizing the shit out of my matches, but it is a video game. Why in the world would the authorities step in on this? That is completely absurd.

They're actively promoting gaming in children. In MyTeam there is literally a pachinko machine and a roulette wheel. I must not tell you the negative effects of systems like that. Which is why there needs to be regulations at least prevent younger players. Perhaps you have heard of the stories of children spending tens of thousands of dollars of their parents' money whilst earning these MTX purchases? You require a credit card to make these purchases, so we're either talking about kids who's parents let them, or adults which is their own fault.

You seem not to understand the simple fact that these buy mt for 2k21 games are dogshit for a long time now. Which is a part of those predatory practices. Because try-hards the whales and streamers will keep their profits coming in they have had gameplay but 2K understands they can get away with it. Which affects those of us who want gameplay. The franchise has become a straight upward cash-grab. Because it was the only good basketball sim, which sucks, there are not any alternatives.
Madden attributes I miss

In Madden nfl 21 coins you could meet U.S. President Barack Obama. Back in Madden 05, 06, and 07 there was a weekly radio series. One of my favorite parts of Madden 05 was listening to Tony Bruno. In Madden 05 to Madden 07 or 08, you can create a enthusiast. You'd see that fan in the chairs, whenever you would play a game. At Madden 12 you can pick the cover athlete. At a march madness just like a championship. Envision if Madden did some thing. In Madden 11 and 12 you had Dynamic Attendance. For example, if the Jaguars were enjoying at home versus the Cleveland Browns it would likely have low attendance. Today in madden all of the stadiums are sold out.

Madden is in desperate need of a long overdue demonstration overhaul. Look at NBA 2K. There's analysis from Kenny Smith and Shaq. There's a national anthem. There running around doing mascot items or cheerleaders. There is cut constantly to interviews with coaches and players. There is stats and series history. I really don't require a proper ESPN or Fox Sports sponsorship, but fuck. Those little details include much immersion to the NBA series. 2k may do with immersion but Madden 21 has plenty of troubles. The devs lie about content each year to their own fans. Nothing new has been added by them in 4 decades and the franchise mode is pay to triumph.

Dynamic presence was taken out due to NFL owners. They didn't enjoy watching their stadiums empty. Everything is good to have, but no possibility any of it comes back. It's funny. The reason was due to snow/rain. Man I kinda get why the owners would do that (I guess), but it is not like they can not make it so fans would leave after a blowout or perform chants in the arena. home field advantage is a thing or they could make it. Your fans should be more eager to cheer you on, making it more difficult for the team to win in your place, if your staff is good. It wouldn't be hard to add in either (it was in NCAA) just make audibles more difficult to do/false begins more prevalent/shakey screen etc. It'd make who you are playing a week-to-week basis more important. That tiny change gameplay far more refreshing and could make both franchise style.

I only need some sort of Power standing feature. I feel as I never know what's going on in the rest of the league, who the teams to beat are, etc. I felt somewhat immersed in the league but they since moved it to the previous 25, when they had the information tab on the homepage. Nobody is going that deep to discover that. Additionally I wish they'd add some type of sim logic in which the decent teams which are on a roster do not get blown out. AND when I play said teams it a challenge. That would be a cool feature. Online franchises would be got by it. I understand daddyleagues and/or mycheap Madden nfl 21 coins do some thing similar. The presidential trip was hilarious in a franchise. You win the Super Bowl at 2034 and are rewarded with a visit president for life, to Barack Obama. Soccer continues on as normal, although we hold elections.
Basically just copy NBA2ks. Only scout a particular amount of players through the season/offseason and allow them be scouted up to 100%, although a fully scouted player thought to be a 77 overall isn't guaranteed to be that, though is sure to be near that if you've got a fantastic scout. Make trading actually realistic. Once again myleague has a trade logic system which would be great in Madden nfl 21 coins. Let teams let to be traded each side, and trade further down the street than 1 year. Teams should also be categorized as contenders/rebuilds like in myleague so that rebuilders are more likely to trade for picks and contenders are more likely to trade for gamers. Bring back computer draft day transactions, bizarre that was removed.

UDFAs are a huge part of teams offseason in the NFL, there should be a section of the offseason specializing in registering 10-20 UDFAs to potentially fill exclusive teams/backup roles rather than just looking for the free agent market. I feel that the cap stays exactly the same in the present version, if I'm correct they should make iNFLation customizable, once more enjoy the superior myleague. It would be wonderful to know what's really happened in the league without having to track it manually. I want to know who has won every award year and who losers and the Super Bowl winners were with the score. It is wild how bad the sim engine now is between player stats and match results. Give us which works properly so I don't build a star team to go 7-9. I would like to hear what you guys would add to a perfect franchise

I Won't Be buying madden this season

I have literally bought every madden since 01. I will be purchasing Madden 21. I am hoping you will join me. A disgrace they released those Franchise notes. They added nothing to franchise style lol unbelievable. My expectations were very low but not that low. I have seen patches. I did exactly the same thing with madden 19, then wound up purchasing madden 20 cause I am a moron.definitely skipping madden 21. Perhaps I'll just buy every year lol.

It is crazy what cheap Madden nfl 21 coins has turned into now. I have owned every madden because I think 99 and it was a massive part of my childhood. My father and I would play franchise mode then progressed friends, to my brother and I would playwith. Those PS3 and PS2 franchises were fun. Sadly Madden 21 will be the first time I will not be purchasing Madden 21 on launch. If it goes on sale for under $20, maybe I will splurge but they've handled the Franchise players like shit too long. I am over it.
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