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At the RuneScape gold moment I have made a few buddies fishing, that is something which rarely occurs in woodcutting (But there's been one buddy who I chat with even after my long break). In addition, I find fishing to be more laid-back, relaxing, and socially welcoming. Becoming ill lately I've noticed during woodcutting, the noise of the axe chopping the trees is annoying, the trees drop much faster, and competing for trees is now a tiresome chore. Please do not allow my present opinion on these skills influence your position on them.

One day I'll hope to get many 99s, but for today. Two is adequate. The woodcutting cape isn't as exciting as the vivid blue of this fishing cape, but I provide the fletching cape a small edge over the darkness of this cooking cape. However, wearing a chef's hat with the cooking cape, doing the emote is highly enjoyable. I know the capes should not matter, but after all, it's a indication of all your hard work, right? And that hard work must appeal to its laborer.

This shall be my very first post as I am new to these forums, but not to forums in general, and not MMOs in general. I've played many others, most broadly being a smaller MMORPG named Phantasy Star Universe, for people who have heard of it. I want to know you all very well, and allow my sojourn on those forums become a memorable and fun experience.

All these are my runescape stats, and I'm calling for help because I am in need of something new to train my different skills with. Be it mining or magic, I would like to try new procedures, and I wished to see what other runescape gamers used, so does anyone out there have special methods that they used to be successful? (In case this pic did not appear, scroll down to the bottom to see my stats)

A couple of things to note: I'm a freeplayer, also that I shall be for quite some time (which makes things trickier) I'm challenging; I'll keep myself motivated till I reach my goals (as long as they are logical and efficent) I would be willing to provide any way a try, cause there no harm in trying. Yet another thing, there is definite skills I'd like to train, or that I have an easier time training with. Those abilities are (in order from;I Really Need to train it;, to;I will eventually get to it;)I know theres a way to acquire construction levels without leaving your house using a servent, I saw a screenie of this stock needed that was like a stack of cash saw/hammer etc.. Could anybody walk me through the specific procedure of finding the servent to run to the bank for you without leaving your residence? I really love this, as much as my existing level 63 con, ive always just run to and from the lender. Alright, I've gone through this process before. I suggest that the Butler, good time and adequate price. Here are a few facts and tips you want to understand before I go into detail... All servants will probably demand salaries after 8 activities, an action being going to the bank buy OSRS gold to retrieve things, or visiting the sawmill to cut logs.

It's not against OSRS gold the rules or even the"soul of the sport" to train effectively by coaching multiple skills at precisely the exact same time, for example with Bolt fletching. Zarfot was famous for his training efficiency in every ability, and obtained 200M Fletching with this particular method. There is not any other skill that may be trained while still performing pretty much anything else. Alching comes close, but is limited by requiring the conventional spellbook (i.e. no Ourania teleport, and no projecting in Monkey shape ), slow casting time (MUCH slower XP compared to Bolt fletching), and also the necessary switching into the Spellbook tab constantly.

What's next on the list, Jagex? Superheat-All? Clean-All herbs at a limit of 1 tick per pill? Alch-X? If it ai not broken, fix it until it breaks. What would be a remedy for this problem? I believe that a very straightforward solution is the capability to toggle Automatic or Manual for performing some sorts of skilling which requires repetitive clicking. Some players prefer slower XP and less effort, others favor more efficiency with increased effort.

Many of us have been drawn to the dungeoneering rewards in Daemonheim, unfortunately, some of them are just not cutting it to the number of tokens needed. Some are simply too inferior, whilst others are really overprices and are time consuming to retrieve; particularly, f2p rewards. Arcane Necklaces. Arcane heartbeat necklace is awful: 5% magic damage? Which brings the max hit of fire burst to 168, critically? When are you really going to ever strike that? How is this beneficial at all? I had rather wizard head bomb and magical amulet which is so much easier to get.

Arcane blast necklace: 10% magical increase, again, wizard mind bomb; this necklace brings fire blast to 176, I find this useless, when used in pvp, if you die, which you may eventually, you'll drop all that 15k tokens you saved. I, for one won't be getting another 15k tokens. Arcane stream: better for associates, but still, sub-par. Prayer Necklaces. Twisted bird necklace: hardly any use in pvp, I am not bringing a stack of bones when it delays my next strike; but, I have to say it could be useful when fighting creatures. Split dragon teeth: same thing, but necessitates 60 dungeoneering; okay for members I cheap RS gold guess.