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Back pain has become very common among adults between the ages of thirty to fifty. The pain in the lower back does not go easy as it is considered a chronic disease. The reasons for causing back pain may include such as constantly working, lifting heavy goods, prolonged sitting and lying down, etc. Or Maybe, your sleeping position is not correct.

The condition in back pain may be sudden or temporary. If pain is causing too much irritation, you should visit a back pain specialist.



Reasons of causing lower back pain may include:


  • an immediate uncontrolled contraction of a muscle
  • Irritation in nerve
  • suffering from slipped disks
  • A sudden muscle pull



There are many treatment options available to cure lower back pain according to the cause of the condition. Some of the back treatment options are discussed below:


Take Bed Rest


A pain specialist can recommend bed rest to counter the pain. Since the treatment depends on the ongoing symptoms, the specialist can reduce or increase the days for resting. The main objective to rest is to reduce your level of physical activity temporarily.   

You can lay down on your back with a pillow under your knees to keep your back in a neutral position. In addition, you may lay down on the floor with your knees bent at ninety degrees angle and propped on a chair.


A heating pad or ice packs


According to a pain doctor, you may treat lower back pain with a hot or cold compress. It has been proven that using heat and ice packs can increase movements and decrease pain.

Place ice packs on the tender areas of your lower back to reduce swelling. Make sure to wrap an ice pack in a towel to protect your skin tissues from freezing. You can carry on the treatment daily for twenty minutes at a time.

You can switch the ice pack treatment to heat after a couple of days by using a heating pad or hot water bath. The warmth will help you to lose the tight muscles that are causing the back pain. Be sure that you have turned off the heating pad before sleep as it may cause skin burns.


Over the counter pain relievers


OTC pain relievers are a non-invasive treatment option for lower back pain because it can be treated by taking some prescribed medicines like naproxen, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen that is effective in reducing pain and swelling caused in muscles-related pain.


Physical Exercise:


Usually, people never think about exercise when having lower back pain. But according to a pain treatment center physical exercise is an effective way to get relieved from aches and pains. Activities like pelvic tilts and bridges increase your muscle strength that will help to reduce your lower back pain.


Traction, ultrasound, and TENS


If the conventional treatments fail to relieve your lower back pain, you may consider the alternatives such as Traction, Ultrasound, or TENS.


Traction involves a system of weights to fix your spine in the correct position and also fix the position of slipped discs in the right place.


Ultrasound uses massaging the delicate skin tissues around your injured area in the lower back with the help of sound waves to get relaxed and heal more quickly.


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) functions on the electronic stimulation of the nerves using electrodes placed on your skin.


Choose the correct treatment after consulting your doctor in the Pain clinic to get the best results.

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Pain is one of the principal logics for looking at the medical treatment and, if not healed on the proper timings or ways, can severely distress the efficiency and day to day life. However, there are reliable and practical ways that are possible that may correct your pain problem and bring back life & vitality. For that, you need to visit the pain treatment clinic.


Pain management services are generally given within the vicinity of the hospital. To get care in one of the pain clinic, tell your doctor about the issues you are dealing with, and then you may get referred to the pain treatment clinic to schedule your appointment and treatment.


The pain medicine unit gives multidisciplinary and latest renovations in the pain care industry. These services can eliminate and care for the patients in critical pain conditions, such as during medical methods and after the operation, and those getting mourned from chronic pain. The main individuals who help and heals your pain problems are anesthesiologists, physician assistants, pain psychologists, pain medicine nurses, and physical therapists. As you can see they are focused on the different ailments of the pain and the ways to correct them. The list ofpain doctor mentioned above is respectively dealing with all possible ways of pain that could occur in the human body.


Pain Treatment is given from a broader perspective and exclusively tailored to fit the needs for pain management for every patient considering all other variable factors. Interventions can be given to lessen pain intensity, improve healing and enhancing the efficiency of life, and boost physical activities. Patient’s dear ones can become involved in the treatment process through guidance and support for healing. The pain treatment center will operate with each patient's fundamental care physician to comprehensive and healthy care. This care may also include other doctors from other practices it promotes healing of the root cause that is creating pain.



What Educational Background Pain Management Specialists Has?


Like other doctors, they achieve a high-end 4-year college education and graduate from dedicated 4-year medical school. Then, pain management specialists give 4 more years finishing a residency in anesthesiology. Pain management doctors extend their education and understanding of the real-life issues known as the practice by conducting research, writing articles, or participating in the fellowships in “subspecialty” classes to become pain experts. Before reaching out to any pain specialist please check the relevant credentials and always favor the person who has extensive experience in the field of pain and certainly has good reviews.



What Typically Happens At The Pain Management Doctor?


At your first appointment, your doctor will do an exam and look for the obvious clues along with the medical history. Let your doctor know about any medical issues you are dealing with such as (hypertension, thyroid problems, etc.). It is necessary to tell your doctor when you are suffering from pain and the area and intensity of your pain. If you could remember any incident that triggered the pain, please mention that also for better understanding and treatment.

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It will be interesting to know the fact that low back treatment does not cause severe medical conditions but the main reason behind causing back pain is strain or stress of bad body postures. In addition, it can be caused by awkward sleeping positions and other lifestyle habits.

Here are some recommended tips by a pain specialist for sleeping positions, discussed below:


  1. Sleep on your side with a pillow amid your knees


If sleeping flat on your back feels strained, try turning over to your side:


  • Let your right or left shoulder make contact with the mattress, accompanying the rest of that side of your body.
  • Set a pillow between your knees.

If there’s a space between your waist and the bed, use a small pillow there for additional support. Whether you use one pillow or two you should always keep sleeping on the same side. The pillow will maintain your hips, pelvis, and spine in a better arrangement.


  1. Get asleep on your side in the fetal position


If you are suffering from a herniated disc, a back doctor will suggest you sleep on your side curled in a fetal position.

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  • Lay on your back and then turn over gently onto your side.
  • Insert your knees toward your chest and gently curl your body near your knees.
  • Remember to change sides from time to time to stop any unevenness.
  • Rolling your body into a fetal position creates space between vertebrae.


  1. Sleep on your stomach with a pillow supporting your belly


According to a specialist in back pain treatment, sleeping on your stomach is a really bad position for back pain because it can put extra stress on your neck. 

But if you are feeling comfortable lying on your stomach, you don’t have to force other posture for sleeping.

  • Keep a pillow below your pelvis and lower belly to reduce some of the weight off your back.
  • You should change or not the pillow under your head depends on the feeling of the current position.
  • People having degenerative disc disease may profit most from this sleeping position.  It can reduce any stress that is located in the space between your discs.


  1. Rest on your back with a pillow beneath your knees


 It may be possible that sleeping on the back may be the best position for some people to get relieved back pain.

  • Lie down flat on your back.

  • Put a pillow below your knees and have your spine vague. The pillow plays an important role to keep that bow in your lower back.

  • You can also keep a small, curled towel under some section of your back for additional support.


When someone sleeps on their back, the weight is evenly divided and expanded across the widest area of the body. In the end, there is less strain on your pressure points that will make you able to get a better arrangement of your spine and your internal organs.


In addition, the specialists in a pain clinic recommend sleeping in the chair if you have isthmic spondylolisthesis. You can use an adjustable bed to sleep in a reclined position to gain the best alignment and support.

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Some describe the back pain as the throbbing ache and for some, it is just constant suffering but nobody calls it a nice experience. As a result, people take various approaches to deal with the back and no one method suits everyone. Well, back pain is such a thing that can happen anytime as there are so many triggers around it, to ascertain the best way to deal with the thing is to consult a pain treatment clinic. In certain cases, you need to take the assistance of the pain management doctor to heal the suffering you are facing. Though there are cases when you are not facing the condition regularly and you are not requiring a back specialist. Then follow these mentioned steps to deal with the pain without the intervention of the back or knee pain doctor.


Medications for healing the pain on the initial level:


The fastest, safest, and most reliable technique of correcting the pain treatment is to take the pain medications preferred by the prescribed ones from the doctor. People who are suffering from pain that is hindering their day to day activities can consult the doctor for the particular field, such as having a word with a knee pain doctor if you are concerned with the knee pain. The dictionary on average gives anti-inflammatory drugs and other medicine that makes your muscle relax. To get more you from this try hot and cold compressions.  In the case of chronic pain, the doctor might operate with the injection to stop that continuous growling pain. Usually, injections are given in those cases where there is no choice left for the patient and doctor. So far, OTC medication and doctors’ prescribed drugs wonder in case of pain.


Training for healing the pain on the moderate level:


Let us tell you a fact - exercise can improve pain up to a significant limit. Lots of doctors suggest the pain patient should do some workout at least 5 days a week to make the body active and agile. Regular exercise will help the patient who is suffering from body flexibility and other different things. If you are confused about starting the workout or is your body ready to do the workout. Then you should try taking a step by step approach to raising your fitness. For enhancing the effects of the back treatment results try practicing yoga on an everyday basis. Apart from getting relief from pain, you will get into a healthier lifestyle which will not only improve your health but betters the psychological aspects.


Surgery for healing the pain on last level:


The last option that the doctor can give you for curing the pain is to opt for the surgery’s option. This kind of back pain treatment will be recorded by the doctor if the person grows a remarkably serious issue and the patient can no longer deal with the ever-increasing pain. Surgery is declared to be the most accepted treatment to deal with the pain forever as the medical situation itself is relieved and the pain recedes as well.

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You are enjoying a good walk but got slipped by mistake, or while you were playing got accidentally hurt and trembled on the floor. Basically, just a random incident or anything that is a moderately dangerous situation is capable enough to give you a hard time.

You’re also very much sage as this is not a serious condition and lends itself into the position of most common types of injuries that are prone in athletes and people who are active in their life. In case of chronic pain get in touch with the pain specialist.


If you are worried about the knee injury and what you are upset with the below mentioned are the types of knee pain:


An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is normally the outcome of unexpected changes in direction, sudden movements, shocks, and mere cramps


A torn meniscus normally occurs after an unexpected twist in the leg.


Knee bursitis, a situation in which the bursa (a part in the knee) grows inflamed, is usually a result of repeated kneeling. Also known as maids’ knee condition.


Patellar tendinitis occurs when the muscles that support the front of the femur to the shin become irritated or damaged. The impact of sudden moments of activities likely to cause this injury.


To cure them you can visit the pain clinic or any knee pain treatment as per your requirements.


Following are the ways to get relief from the pain


Corticosteroids Injections for knee pain


In the healing world, there are so many advances that can cure your pain of the starting. One that is widely used in the treatment for correcting the conditions is a very famous one - Corticosteroids Injections. In this treatment a knee pain specialist, the knee is injected and gets the dose of the medicine. Although usually not lasting for long, for many people this serves as an alternative that gives results over a sustainable period It may not be suitable for every patient. You can have a word with the pain specialist to understand if it is a perfect alternative for you or not. Though, it does not help in the low back pain.


Buy Effective Pain Relief Creams


There are also creams which in some cases can be effective knee pain treatments. Again they may not be suitable to treat all types of knee pain but can be effective pain treatment in many cases. The creams are based on acetylated fatty acids. There have been studies that have shown creams such as these can be very effective results. You can rely on these creams if you are facing a serious trouble with any part of the bodily ache. Consult the back pain specialist for more information.


Using cream, supplements, or patches for knee pain relief


Anyone can suffer from joint problems, because our knees are subject to a lot of stress, especially when you are doing some activities. Generally,  it occurs in the elders. The best way to deal with these problems is to have a calcium-rich due and be regular with the doctor.


Article Source:- https://backandpainclinic.wordpress.com/2021/01/21/what-are-the-causes-and-cures-of-knee-pain/

Knee pain can occur due to immediate injury or you are suffering from arthritis. Treatments may differ depending on the cause of pain. The indications of knee injury may include pain, swelling, and stiffness.

The more you are active, the more it is good for your joints and for the whole body. Since physical activities boost your muscles’ strength and increase mobility.  If you had an old injury in the past and it was not treated properly, it may flare up any time and hurt you all the time. In that case, you should walk-in a pain treatment clinic.


There are other multiple reasons that can cause to visit a knee pain doctor like:  



A sac called a bursa holds a little amount of fluid beneath the skin above the joint of the knee. It makes the joint run smoothly. If you are a runner then you will bend, kneel, repeatedly, which can irritate the bursa. It can lead to pain and swelling in the knee. Pain doctor calls it prepatellar bursitis.


Dislocated kneecap


Dislocated kneecap means your kneecap slips out of position leading to pain and swelling.

This is also known as “patellar dislocation.”


IT (iliotibial) band syndrome: 


It is a part of tough tissue that is spread from your hip down to the exterior part of your knee.

Due to the excessive physical activity, it can be swollen over time leading to pain on the outer side of the knee. The problem is common among the runners.






Meniscal tear


Most often, a knee injury may cause the cartilage to rip. These uneven edges can get stuck in the joint, which produces pain and swelling. Most often, people will have the feeling of grabbing in the joint when they are busy.



Osgood-Schlatter disease:


This situation occurs when you’re young when bones and other parts of the knee are still adjusting. It can cause a painful lump under the knee, where a band from the kneecap connects to the shin. Exhausting exercise, and stress at a point on the root of your knee called the tibial tubercle, usually make this area hurt. The throbbing may come and go over time. It's especially obvious in teenage boys and girls.




The disease occurs commonly after the age of fifty. It causes when the knee joint pains and swelling while you are constantly active.



Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t rest too much because excessive rest can weaken your muscles that can lead to worse joint pain. Do some physical activity that is suitable for your knees and stick with it. If you're not sure which exercises are safe,  talk to a physical therapist for knee pain treatment.

  • Don’t risk a drop or fall. Control your risk of fall since it can cause more knee damage.

  • Do or Practice RICE (Rest, ice, compression, and elevation) is good for knee pain in the case of a minor injury.

  • Don't increase your weight because it will increase stress on your knee that will lead to pain and swelling.


The doctor in a pain center advises cushioned insoles to reduce stress on your pain. If it is uncontrolled and severe see a physician nearby immediately.



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Since a knee replacement surgery is a major surgery that’s why it is recommended when other treatments don’t give desired results or fail to reduce knee pain. A knee doctor may offer you knee surgery if:


  • The patient has severe knee pain and swelling that is reducing mobility.
  • The pain is so severe that you are unable to sleep.
  • Due to severe pain, you are unable to do daily tasks such as shopping, or taking bath, etc.
  • Knee pain is pushing you into a state of depression.  
  • You are losing your social life.

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Different types of knee replacement surgery


Total knee replacement:


In this kind of surgery, a knee pain specialist replaces both sides of your knee joint.


Half knee replacement


The specialist replaces only one side of your knee in a modest operation. The patient has to stay in the hospital for a short period of time as it recovers early.


Other available options for surgery:

There are other alternatives also available for a knee replacement surgery, but results are generally not as good as they are not long-lasting.  You can discuss the treatment option with the specialist in the pain treatment center.


Other alternatives of knee replacement surgery may include:


Arthroscopic washout and debridement 


A miniature telescope (arthroscope) is implanted into the knee, which is removed out with saline to empty any inches of bone or cartilage




 the surgeon cuts the shin bone and reorganizes it so that your weight can’t stress over the damaged part of the knee




A keyhole operation that includes shifting plugs of tough cartilage, collectively with some underlying bone from another section of your knee, to restore the damaged surface


Preparations for knee replacement surgery:


Before going to the hospital, collect all the information related to your surgery. The hospital can provide you that in written or videos.

Be physically active if you can because it will help in strengthening the muscles around your knee and help you to recover fast.   


It is known that pain is the main reason for joint replacement surgery, it can be avoided,if  the patients follow some meaningful tips, discussed below:

  • People should maintain their weight as the extra body weight puts pressure on the joints and can cause the cartilage to break down. So, encourage the patients to lose some weight so that the stress can be reduced on their joints.
  • Insufficient physical activity may cause damage to the joints because it leads to cartilage loss between bones and leads to bone-on-bone contact that will cause extensive pain.
  • The doctor may use injections to reduce knee pain because injections with cortisone, or hyaluronic acid, are non-operative treatment.
  • A knee unloader brace can shift the stress to the side with minimal arthritis. The method helps in reducing pain and increases mobility.


These non-surgical procedures rely on the patients’ dedication towards weight loss and exercise. If they fail to reduce weight or to complete the bar of physical activity, they will have no option but knee replacement surgery.


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Lower back pain is a chronic condition that makes a person weak from the inside. If you are suffering from lower back pain and still are involved in daily physical activities, the condition can become worse.  You can do some stretching exercises to slow down the pain. In addition, you should take a healthy diet when you have lower back pain to maintain a healthy weight. You should intake a high nutrient diet that promotes bone growth and makes them strong also.


Pain management doctor advises mandatory nutrients in daily diets when you have lower back pain must include:





Dairy products like yogurt, milk, cheese, frozen yogurt are high in calcium. If you don’t like dairy products you can take other foods that are abundant in calcium like cereal, orange juice, oatmeal, etc. vegetables like collard greens, kale, bok choy, and broccoli also have calcium.  




Phosphorus is found in cheese, milk, pudding, baked beans, kidney beans, oysters, sardines, and dark colas, etc.


Vitamin D:


You should include foods with high vitamin D like cod liver oil, swordfish, salmon, fortified milk, sardines, eggs, and fortified cereals, etc.

The following nutrients will help you in low back pain treatment.


Other than that you should exercise regularly that will improve the joint movements, According to the back specialist some of them are discussed below:


  1. Bridges


The gluteus maximus muscle is large and the strongest muscle in the human body. It is located in the buttocks that are responsible for movement at the hip, like squats. If the muscle gets weakened, it can cause back pain because they stabilize the hip joints and lower back during movements like walking.


Muscles exercise: gluteus maximus

Lay down on the ground with flat feet on the floor, hip-width apart.

Bring your hands by your sides, press your feet into the floor when lifting your buttocks slowly off the ground till your body is in one straight line. Maintain your shoulders on the floor.

Continue for 10 to 15 seconds.

Lower down.

Copy 15 times.

Complete 3 sets. Pause for one minute between each set.


  1. Drawing-in maneuver


The transverse abdominis is the muscle that is located around the front and side of the abdominal wall.

It’s important for supporting the spinal joints and stopping injury during movement.


Muscles worked: transverse abdominis


Rest on the ground with your feet level on the ground, hip-width apart.

Rest your hands by your sides.

Take a deep breath. Breathe out and draw your belly button in near your spine, engaging your abdominal muscles without bending your hips.

pause for 5 seconds.

Do it 5 times.


  1. Lying lateral leg raises


The hip abductors not only move the leg away from the body, but they also help rotate the leg at the hip joint. They are essential for maintaining stability when walking or standing on one leg.


When these muscles are not strong, it can affect body balance and mobility. It can also cause low back pain due to uncertainty in balance.


Muscles worked: gluteus medius


Lay down on one side, having your lower leg somewhat bent on the ground.

Reserve your core by pulling your belly button in near your spine.

Lift your top leg without disturbing the rest of your body.

pause for 2 seconds at the top. copy 10 times.

Repeat on different sides. Complete 3 sets on each side.


According to the back doctor, these exercises can help you in reducing the pain up to some extent. If you don’t find it useful then you can consult your doctor for alternative low back treatment.


Article Source:- http://backandpainclinic.over-blog.com/2021/02/what-are-different-strengthening-exercises-for-lower-back-pain.html

There are many cases that can be the reason behind the back pain. While many theories say that any insufficiency in the following causes the pain - ligaments, joints, and discs are the chief coordinates of this equation. The best thing about back pain can be caused due to a number of reasons which are not serious. Just because you are dealing with this doesn’t mean you need to be trapped in this. If it gets over the top get in touch with theback pain doctor.


The main reasons behind lower back pain as per the pain doctor:


(1) Muscle pulls and cramps.


(2) Nerve sensitivity.


(3)  Poor posture and back-related problems.




Backache is one of the nagging things which will not harm you and manages to keep you irritated the whole day. If you have ever dealt with a terrible backache, you may have also been aware of the potential toll it can take in your health condition such as not being able to do the work or even worse - bedrest.  



  1. Stay agile during the day. Frequent activities keep you fit the whole day. Establish and maintain a regular exercise routine. This can be any slot of the day - morning or evening. Just be consistent this will not only correct the back pain but also helps in knee pain.


  1. Practice some yoga poses


If you are the bit that bodily fit to do the cardio workouts. When you stretch the body in a particular way obviously under the guidance of a trainer. It shifts the muscle sprain from a place to another making it relaxed and easy. You can try the different exercises and yoga poses to ease up your condition. The essential factor in this is to be extra careful with the poses and practice under an attentive coach who has some experience. If you are practicing yoga for relief in knee pain please consult the knee pain doctor first. Only if they give you permission to workout continue with it.


  1. Use Hot/Cold Compression Techniques


Another thing that might ring the bells in your ears if you are going through the pain. It takes the help of hot and cold compression techniques. If you are having a back or knee ache due to different reasons mainly due to cramps, sports injury, or fatigued muscles you can use the hot or cold compression techniques. Other sorts of pain that can be controlled with hot/cold applications include sore muscles from exercise, as well as muscles that have faced trauma. To correct the condition you might try to do hot compresses for a brief period.


  1. Manage the stress


If you are normally more confronted with stressful situations. It can negatively influence your life and hamper your day to day activities. Stress can be the chief reason that impacts your mobility and physical condition. Regrettably,  this becomes a cyclic affair in which you might get stuck. Start taking baby steps to correct the painful situation. Alternatively, you can talk to an expert on the pain clinic for more information.


Article Source:- https://backandpainclinic.blogspot.com/2021/01/whats-causing-your-lower-back-pain.html