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Indeed, a single electronic warfare joint planning bureau may be worse than hypersonic or fighter combat plans. This is because electronic warfare is not a single platform type different from missiles or aircraft:high quality jammer from jets that block surface-to-air missiles to Hummers that block radio-controlled street bombs, all types of platforms increasingly require this capability.

In addition, modern electronic warfare related to jamming signals, along with the eavesdropping of enemy signals and intelligence, and even the communication between friendly forces, have become increasingly blurred.

As microelectronics becomes more and more versatile, a single active electronically scanned array (such as F-35's AESA) can send, receive or jam radar pulses and radio messages, while acting as sensors, communication devices, frequency jammer, and cyber weapons. As microelectronics continue to shrink, you can place these multifunctional arrays on smaller and smaller platforms-on every plane, drone, robot, ground vehicle, and even every soldier-and then place these microarrays Network, work in a way beyond power. Beyond the capabilities of a single large system.

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The Prometo 2020 exercise was conducted by the Micro/Micro Aircraft Remote Control Center (CM/M APR) at the Foce Verde (LT) test site last week.

The purpose of the exercise is to educate and train anti-UAV operators in the air defense department, and conduct experimental activities to develop and study new and increasingly powerful and effective systems to deal with this threat.

During the training, the WATSON drone signal jammer used in the long-range multi-band unmanned aircraft system was tested.

The new anti-drone jammer was developed by CPM.

As the company pointed out, the system is light and easy to use. It aims to use the latest interference technology to protect specific areas from UAS intrusion, and to achieve the best balance between performance and size. This special "jamming gun" is light and hand-held, can hold up to 15 BANDs, and can interrupt the most frequent connection between the UAS and the operator's satellite network (GSSN) and the new generation of possible frequencies.

The cell phone signal jammer is to shield the mobile phone from receiving the signal of the base station, it will attenuate when encountering obstacles. If it is a reinforced concrete solid wall, the attenuation after penetration is very large; if it is made of gypsum board, the attenuation should be smaller; if it is made of glass or wood, there is basically not much attenuation. Today, Texin Electronics tells you how to install your mobile The signal jammer signal becomes stronger.

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Step 1: Take a used can and clean it, pull out the ring

Step 2: Perform ring cutting on the bottom of the tank as shown in the figure to remove the entire bottom

The cut bottom is unnecessary

The third step: As shown in the picture, perform ring-cutting on the top of the tank. Be careful not to cut it completely. Leave the 1-2 cm part without cutting and the 1-2 cm part must be close to the mouth of the tank.

Step 4: Draw a red line vertically on the reverse side as shown in the picture and cut off the iron sheet along the middle of the red line

Step 5: Slowly spread out the cut iron sheet into a fan shape

Step 6: Put the finished fan-shaped iron shell on the antenna of Texin mobile phone frequency jammer, as shown in the figure, if there are many antennas, we can make 2-3 identical iron shells.

Due to limited materials, we only made one iron sheet. It would be better to make 2-3 pieces. After doing this, install and fix the mobile phone signal jammer on the wall, so that the emission effect is doubled and the penetration effect is stronger.