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"I was lucky to find a person to give me that job!" He describes over Discord. "RuneScape gold, in a few words, is my job. I earn more than 100 per month," Alejandro continues. "That's a considerable amount -- not enough -- but at least you live with that. Without Runescape, I would not have any method. RuneScape is popular with many Venezuelans, because it's a good gain per month." Alejandro is not the only RuneScape player we've spoken to who's been given work by other RuneScape players on the internet.

1 RuneScape player would speak as he considers that speaking out against the government could lead to him being attacked only if granted anonymity. "They have censored all the media -- TV channels in addition to the newspapers" Three years back, Perez was a school student living in a household that was unable to put food on the table. He informs us his parents earn the equivalent of"two loaves of bread" per month. Desperate to improve the lives that he and his family were residing, Perez started Googling methods of earning money on the web.

"The first thing I did was to subscribe to r/slavelabour. I did gigs and I made my first $100 in a month later subscribing. This helped us a great deal as my parents were only making like $10/month each but then lucky month, matters did not go well," he writes. The value of this Venezuelan bolivar was becoming lower and lower every day because of hyperinflation, which supposed that competition for internet work on forums like Reddit has been increasing. Perez got his break when he discovered a thread from a RuneScape participant who was looking to play with RuneScape for money.

"He taught me what to do and how to do it. My first'project' was smelting [runite] bars at the blast furnace. Perez currently earns $200-300 a month finishing"orders" for other runescape gold 2107 players, which entails carrying out particular jobs on their account. He works for at least eight hours a day, between five and seven days per week. "My life has taken a sudden twist," Perez writes. "I'm kinda depressed. I miss faculty a lot and I am nowhere near where I need to be in existence."

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By Kin Gang
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