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Also, everyone appears to hate when the game forces you to take a thinner on the grab when in a more realistic feeling in the event that you wanted to catch and take on the move you'd go catch at a jump stop (like Klay Thompson does) and pull up without leaning if you have enough body controller. How to implement: Pretty easy 2k21 buy mt while the pass is at the atmosphere just press something like triangle/Y once or to do both animation. If they still need the choice to allow you to throw a lob pass or a bounce pass right on the catch (which I truly don't see people do at all) then make the jump-stop and three-point feet setting orders some thing like L2/LT+triangle/Y and L2/LT+circle/B while the pass is in the air.

While it has been fine the last couple of years, I think an overhaul of this air and surroundings would take this game to the next level with the changes. A brand new commentating crew. Listening to Kevin Harlan is truly getting stale with the lines that are recycled from years and years. See the improvement in WWE 2K's audience. I think that it's time to make the people in the audience a little more life-like.

Better crowd & commentator reactions after big plays. One of the worst parts about it now, is the silence. For instance, there's a good chance my home audience will cheer for me when I make a 3-pointer, but if I slip the ball another after and score again, there's also a better than good probability that the crowd will randomly go silent. Not to mention, the audience noise itself sounds like it is stuck in past gen. More statistical screens during matches. When playing with a year, there ought to be time updated stats and head to head comparisons of places to truly provide it that broadcast feel that's really been lacking for a long time.

Different scoreboard design choices. So that it does not always look exactly the exact same every match we ought to have presentation packages. Ability to modify stadium sounds. Similar to MLB the show, let us give us the capability to port and capture the sounds of all arenas for each team it in the mt nba 2k21 game through drive. Seeing the team. Like this year, what was inserted to some MyCareer games, it would be cool to have a shot of their announcers talking about the game while doing the introduction. Wounded players wearing suits.

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By Kin Gang
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