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Coordinators wouldn't be challenging from a technical perspective per se, but you have to design a system. What do they affect? Do you link head coaches and playbooks together, or create it freeform? If initially, then what role does a head trainer have? If the past, then what actually is their objective? How aggressive are in signing them the AI? When making those decisions, Is roster match considered by groups at all? When searching at free service, do players consider coaches? And most importantly, do so as to incorporate their likenesses, they have to renegotiate with all the Mut 21 coins Coaches Association? And would EA want to tell the devs to devote time to figuring this out system rather than different things (like MUT articles )?

I am not necessarily disagreeing with you but I'm fairly sure the coordinator part should be super easy considering at least NCAA 14 (I do not know enough about the other ones) has coordinator and a coaching carousel and the same exact game was made by the exact same exact company...EA! The head coaching function ought to be big but not so big that you have no control over your offense. Ex: You get 9 plays every play to choose from if you begin your coordinator, as you advance and start winning lots of Madden NFL, that number ticks up along with your coach trust (stole this from NCAA) and perform up to become a head coach or go on a be the greatest OC/DC ever.

Their purpose would be you would have the ability to go more in depth with your players and the press for one specific place I.E OC/DC. Your WR wants the football more? You center Madden NFL 21 plan about them and continue to have the ability to win. Your DE does not feel well? Well sit out for a match. This type of stuff that Madden kinda worked on but that too to much. The AI aggressiveness will be set on a slider and you would place it to 90 per 25, should you would like a challenge. Just wanting to get some fun with the boys? 15 should be useful. Want to kick back and see whether you can rebuild your favorite team? So u don't have a high prospect of getting fired, set it to 50. AI coaches and individual coaches would need to look at if stated trainer is a strategy fit because of their system and would find a mini bonus or a mini debuff for their team if they don't sign someone who does not follow the same scheme.

There's a good deal of stuff that needs fixing including on-field gameplay like when neither group can pick up the ball and it becomes a soccer game or scrum in the middle of the area or when a cheap Madden nfl 21 coins player turns into a seal doing tricks and balancing the ball on his mind running down the field. It is shit all around really and its been like that for many years including broken money plays. I think the matter is Madden NFL 21 has been shit for so long now it's going to take real money to repair the problems and they waited so long that it is beyond just what the company can pay to repair.

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By Kin Gang
Added Jul 23



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