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Those were the times. I guess he makes a little harmless comment here and there but you can bet he is gonna maintain a 2K21 2Ktv episode talking about just how much better nba2k21 myteam coins feels.probably not fair to single him out, all of them do the same shit and then tweet out the normal"NBA 2K21 we played at the 2K party isn't NBA 2K21 they published do not blame us". I used to see shakedown2012. I quit watching because lots of his content was just starting to become kind of cringy and the quantity of sound effects in his videos were just annoying (to me personally ).

However, I understand he must do what he got to do to keep the views count up and be entertaining. I have learned to not listen to plenty of YouTubers if they can't maintain their guns. Can't talk trash about NBA 2K21 then purchase the new one on day uno. The previous 2K game I paid in full was 2K16 and since then I do not buy the new one till they are on discount.

I think that the biggest difficulty is that the minority of individuals who invest so much money on NBA 2K21 it may as well count as the entire 2K inhabitants, the whales. They keep the profits. No matter what we, the majority, say about wanting an actually very good match, it doesn't matter. 2K understands the whales will consume whatever garbage they create so they keep getting away with this bullshit. It's ridiculous. That goes for almost any sport using MTX.

For real. This is a unique situation in which the government must intervene and put brakes on this greed. It's apparent that most rules do not work in any way, our voices have been drowned out by the whales. Worse with 2K as well as their parent Take Two, they have the ESRB and PEGI inside their own pocket so even when there casinos in how to buy mt nba 2k21, they'll pass it off as a E for everyone. This is a unique situation in which the government needs to intervene and put brakes on this greed. What? I despise MTX and monetizing the shit out of my games, but it is a video game. Why on earth would the government step in on this? That is completely absurd.

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By Kin Gang
Added Aug 14



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