It is their game in the end from Smarthuiyuan's blog

In addition to this, if they use that old system - they would have a completely split model for the participant's chat head - which is why no body/torso is displayed in the chatbox. I am not in a position to RuneScape gold make any proposals, although there's probably a simpler way to do it. Anyhow so - you may have to re-model each and every chathead with the face/hair exposed, and rework expressions to look less. Weird?

Anyway, this all becomes a massive project, and they are already hardly putting out anything since it is - and what we do get typically does something dumb like disables item pick-ups, or triggers nightmare-inducing model-glitches of items like PoF animals. It's not that I do not believe they can do it. It is that I think they won't because of this time-sink (unless it includes a new game/new tech/etc.) And since they're already having a hard time doing simple jobs that keep breaking due to mechanical issues that are old.

They would need to QA a great deal of stuff - and you know how much QA because it is, we get. Again, this is all strictly going off of such as the original tech - they could have shifted their stuff, and just didn't ever mention it. But using the methods makes this sort of thing pretty tough, from a logical perspective. Another thing to note for you to do a little research in is that the tragedy which is the approximately 165 until they ditched the enchanting system, Slayer Helmet's.

This is mostly an issue happening ahead of on the entire world was hit by the Wuhan Virus. No - because I have replied to several other people - I know it's fairly absurd just how over-monetized RS3 is, especially in the present situation. Unfortunately I can not suggest alternatives other than cutting back - that is contrary to the purpose of what they're attempting to perform (milk cash in Runescape), which isn't a possibility.

However negative of a response you provide - short of leaving Jagex goods completely, they won't create any real attempts to make monetization better/fairer if they are not legally forced to. That being said - you would think they would want to invest in furthering Runescape better, making things more modernized with the current gaming standards to attempt and make Runescape better. There was a post on here the other day about them partnering with another team, and everyone memeing about the way they claimed to"direct the dev world with numerous games" or something - which is interesting considering they are one of the worst at monetizing (they are way worse, but they are extremely low on this scale anyway).

Because of how aggressive they are, and also the fact that you can't just outright purchase some things, and rather have to gamble for them - which should technically be illegal, and that I doubt they are in any politician's pockets right now. Time will tell how that goes down. I still find it intriguing how they're always super hyped about their background - and yet they clearly did not learn anything out of it, and have pretty much tarnished their new with their community by not building off what's seen as'great' by community members, and rather continuing to do exactly what a sizable portion of the community disagrees with. It is their game in the end, but if you make something unpalatable, individuals will not continue eating buy OSRS gold forever.

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