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Imagine if someone with 50 driving dip could posterize 3 defenders by simply"greening" a dunk. That will take skill, but it does not really make sense, correct? So why should non-shooters be able to hit any three just by"greening" it? Not the same. I believe that when a player becomes skilled enough to shoot a construct with 50 3pt you shouldn't take greens away. I believe MT 2K21 should reward skill.How is that distinct? If somebody is skilled enough with a 50 steal rating to green steals then they should have the ability to green steals. They should be able to green dunks if someone is skilled enough using a 50 driving dunk then to dunks.The NBA 2K21 Female MyPlayer Drama Is Ridiculous

Ever since the flow around NBA 2K21 with a female MyCareer narrative, I've seen tons of posts and videos. Some say we have to just have a different neighborhood from them altogether or that if they are permitted in the same area as men they will refuse to play with/against them. Why? Is your masculinity going to be stripped away from you by getting your virtual participant crossed up by a lady in a virtual basketball game or dunked on?

I know, seeing female MyPlayers breaking ankles and performing flashy dunks isn't"realistic," and that is the shield which opposers of female MyPlayers hide behind. But this is NBA 2K we're talking about. Nobody wishes to bring up realism when people are rate fostering, moonwalking and levitating around the courtroom with dribble moves, shooting 90% from Curry variety with hands in their faces and performing backflip jump shot landings then, dunking on multiple centers with a 6'3" guard, the mad events we've like the top, or wearing the ridiculous outfits individuals wear the playground. And all that is okay! I don't play a video game to see and do things I can see and do in life.

It comes in a spot of misogyny, if we would like to admit it or not. I think that it's cool that the female friends I do have that play NBA 2K get some representation in NBA 2K21. In the day's conclusion, it is a game. We shouldn't be offended or take it like a terrible thing when people want to feel included in a NBA 2K21 match about sports that is about attracting people together.

I concur 100%. I don't know how people think it's"pressured women's empowerment". They're just trying to enlarge their audience. In addition, I see people saying that it is taking resources away when they have no proof. 2K wouldn't have added it if it took away from the primary Buy NBA 2K MT Coins game. The 2K community really needs to stop being so hypocritical when it comes to removing prejudice.I'd play a female my career to find out how it looks. Although builds would probably be a lot different. Size would likely have most female players at a disadvantage. Compare WNBA player's average height to the NBA player. Really difference. It would be intriguing to see how it would be balanced by them at the playground.

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By Kin Gang
Added Aug 26



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