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The manner because game is wonderful. I can not even express in words how blown away I was by the amount of Mut 21 coins thickness, the amount of detail, and the amount of customization that is available. It is unreal. You can do anything which you could possibly imagine, and there's stuff in there I didn't even know I desired in Madden. Retiring jersey amounts. Custom expansion teams with custom logos and everything. A style make adjustments and plays. Customizable jerseys - I mean you can make ANYTHING you can think of. Hell, you can even customize the stadium you play and what types of noises play from the speakers during events.

In addition, this game has jumbotron options than Madden has pre-built movement teams. I can't even fathom how truly amazing it would be to have this level of depth and customization at a Madden. It is so disappointing heading back to Madden and seeing what it is like. Man, I hope we can see a Madden one-day like 2k. I understand some elderly Maddens had light years more customization than it does today, but man, 2k20 was a real eye opener to what is possible.

What is crazy is every time that I talk to people that play 2K, not madden about how dope the 2K franchise is, they think that it is not something special. It true if you don't compare it into madden tbh. 2k has put the exact same MyLeague over and over again for decades and have not fixed gamebreaking problems with it. Just like Madden that the cpu can't handle contracts for shit so 99% of the nba is 70 million in the luxury tax after 2 seasons. Service is stupid. Bol Bol played his rookie year on my team, didn't play a single minute, and asked for 25 mil who offseason.

Player development is absolute garbage. It is one hundred percent based on a players"potential attribute" instead of generation. 2k has depth but the fundamentals are so fucked the game style becomes a shitshow following like 2 seasons. Do not even mention the glitch where centers won't sign with your team and request literal billion dollar contracts that has been in the game for 5+ years. However, the difference is you can adjust luxury and salary size, the inflation and even how much the players request to paid.

In Madden you're stuck with contracts that are broken and CPU, in 2k you can help manage that, hell in Madden the cap doesn't even increase in the year to year, possess RFAs, tenders, exceptions etc.. The difference between the two can only be appreciated if you have tried to play the awful Madden franchise.

What is crap with progression being based on a player's potential? Stat based progression is so backwards and the XP system Madden utilizes is the worst progression system I have ever seen while playing soccer games because the 90s. Players play. Madden literally does it as reverse as you can. I disagree. I think that the 1 thing Madden even remotely got right was that the progression system and cheap mut coins madden 21 even that still needs work.

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By Smarthuiyuan
Added Aug 28



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