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Release version is almost always 1.0, and every new complete number is a major launch while every fraction is smaller releases.So to make it simple 2k20 would be 2k19 2.0 and NBA 2K21 MT Coins will create it 3.0. Exactly. I mean. All of us on the exact same page here. I was just curious.Yeah, I know it isnt a very significant discussion but as you stated it begins on 0.1, which is rather true (technically you can begin on which ever amount you want), but since 2k was released it was 1.0. But yeah it does not matter really haha.Then again think iOS 13. Then it gets an upgrade for 13.1. Just a random thought; I think 2K19.1 is your answer lol.

At this time they should just make it free to play and have upgrades such as all the other titles that are iteration. "like most of the other iteration titles"? I don't understand a single annual sport game (besides PES2021 what's performing a present gen season upgrade this year for the first time due to pandemic and console production break) that's absolutely free to play and gets updates. . .Yes it ought to be free because of MTA and gambling game mechanics and so on.Lol I did not mean sports matches. If such sports matches were only on PC I think, they'd go FTP immediately. But I get it, people want to take a seat on the couch.

Do these stupid fucking letters offend anyone else off?his is satire and it is perfect tyop.See you in hot for this very legitimate argument.Welcome to 2k where everything which is not the exact same is worse.Was the PS4 version distinct from the other models? If not then it's just a nba 2k20 remake. 2k20 had visuals in it that even said 2k19. Apparently it's like 2k14. Leading gameplay overhauls from 2k19 and 20. Gen will likely have more information but not as gameplay changes and vice

Pictures are pretty much maxed out on present gen. This trailer added college teams and a new park teaser (Buy NBA 2K MT Coins beach), which you could not even set in your trailer.Yeah the console came out on gear that was decided on 7years back and was underpowered at the time.I mean, isn't the be somewhat anticipated? Let's see if next gen 2K produces a large leap.It's a sport match I doubt gameplay will probably have large advancements ever. I am more interested to see how they make my livelihood and my league more interesting. You and I will agree whenever they make no modifications .

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By Kin Gang
Added Sep 7



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