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Kin Gang
But I know he must do what he got to do to keep the views count upward and be entertaining. I have learned not to listen to a lot of YouTubers when they can not keep their guns. Can't talk trash about where to buy mt 2k21 then purchase the new one on day uno. The previous 2K match I paid full was 2K16 and since then I do not get the new one till they are on discount.

I think that the biggest problem is the minority of individuals who spend as much money on NBA 2K21 it may as well count as the whole 2K inhabitants, the whales. They keep the profits rolling in. Regardless of what we, the majority, say about needing an actually good match, it doesn't matter. It's ridiculous. That goes for almost any sport with MTX. 90% of the players don't touch MTX, but the whales (streamers, diehard fans, etc.) which constitute 10% of the player base account for the majority of the earnings.

For real. This is a unique situation where the government must intervene and put brakes with this greed. It's clear that the majority rules don't work in any way, our voices have been drowned out by the whales. Worse with 2K and their parent Require Two, they possess the ESRB and PEGI inside their own pocket so even when there casinos at NBA 2K21s, they will pass it off as a E for everyone. This is a special situation. What? I hate MTX and monetizing the shit out of my matches, but it is a video game. Why in the world would the authorities step in on this? That is completely absurd.

They're actively promoting gaming in children. In MyTeam there is literally a pachinko machine and a roulette wheel. I must not tell you the negative effects of systems like that. Which is why there needs to be regulations at least prevent younger players. Perhaps you have heard of the stories of children spending tens of thousands of dollars of their parents' money whilst earning these MTX purchases? You require a credit card to make these purchases, so we're either talking about kids who's parents let them, or adults which is their own fault.

You seem not to understand the simple fact that these buy mt for 2k21 games are dogshit for a long time now. Which is a part of those predatory practices. Because try-hards the whales and streamers will keep their profits coming in they have had gameplay but 2K understands they can get away with it. Which affects those of us who want gameplay. The franchise has become a straight upward cash-grab. Because it was the only good basketball sim, which sucks, there are not any alternatives.
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Kin Gang
Madden attributes I miss

In Madden nfl 21 coins you could meet U.S. President Barack Obama. Back in Madden 05, 06, and 07 there was a weekly radio series. One of my favorite parts of Madden 05 was listening to Tony Bruno. In Madden 05 to Madden 07 or 08, you can create a enthusiast. You'd see that fan in the chairs, whenever you would play a game. At Madden 12 you can pick the cover athlete. At a march madness just like a championship. Envision if Madden did some thing. In Madden 11 and 12 you had Dynamic Attendance. For example, if the Jaguars were enjoying at home versus the Cleveland Browns it would likely have low attendance. Today in madden all of the stadiums are sold out.

Madden is in desperate need of a long overdue demonstration overhaul. Look at NBA 2K. There's analysis from Kenny Smith and Shaq. There's a national anthem. There running around doing mascot items or cheerleaders. There is cut constantly to interviews with coaches and players. There is stats and series history. I really don't require a proper ESPN or Fox Sports sponsorship, but fuck. Those little details include much immersion to the NBA series. 2k may do with immersion but Madden 21 has plenty of troubles. The devs lie about content each year to their own fans. Nothing new has been added by them in 4 decades and the franchise mode is pay to triumph.

Dynamic presence was taken out due to NFL owners. They didn't enjoy watching their stadiums empty. Everything is good to have, but no possibility any of it comes back. It's funny. The reason was due to snow/rain. Man I kinda get why the owners would do that (I guess), but it is not like they can not make it so fans would leave after a blowout or perform chants in the arena. home field advantage is a thing or they could make it. Your fans should be more eager to cheer you on, making it more difficult for the team to win in your place, if your staff is good. It wouldn't be hard to add in either (it was in NCAA) just make audibles more difficult to do/false begins more prevalent/shakey screen etc. It'd make who you are playing a week-to-week basis more important. That tiny change gameplay far more refreshing and could make both franchise style.

I only need some sort of Power standing feature. I feel as I never know what's going on in the rest of the league, who the teams to beat are, etc. I felt somewhat immersed in the league but they since moved it to the previous 25, when they had the information tab on the homepage. Nobody is going that deep to discover that. Additionally I wish they'd add some type of sim logic in which the decent teams which are on a roster do not get blown out. AND when I play said teams it a challenge. That would be a cool feature. Online franchises would be got by it. I understand daddyleagues and/or mycheap Madden nfl 21 coins do some thing similar. The presidential trip was hilarious in a franchise. You win the Super Bowl at 2034 and are rewarded with a visit president for life, to Barack Obama. Soccer continues on as normal, although we hold elections.
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Kin Gang
Basically just copy NBA2ks. Only scout a particular amount of players through the season/offseason and allow them be scouted up to 100%, although a fully scouted player thought to be a 77 overall isn't guaranteed to be that, though is sure to be near that if you've got a fantastic scout. Make trading actually realistic. Once again myleague has a trade logic system which would be great in Madden nfl 21 coins. Let teams let to be traded each side, and trade further down the street than 1 year. Teams should also be categorized as contenders/rebuilds like in myleague so that rebuilders are more likely to trade for picks and contenders are more likely to trade for gamers. Bring back computer draft day transactions, bizarre that was removed.

UDFAs are a huge part of teams offseason in the NFL, there should be a section of the offseason specializing in registering 10-20 UDFAs to potentially fill exclusive teams/backup roles rather than just looking for the free agent market. I feel that the cap stays exactly the same in the present version, if I'm correct they should make iNFLation customizable, once more enjoy the superior myleague. It would be wonderful to know what's really happened in the league without having to track it manually. I want to know who has won every award year and who losers and the Super Bowl winners were with the score. It is wild how bad the sim engine now is between player stats and match results. Give us which works properly so I don't build a star team to go 7-9. I would like to hear what you guys would add to a perfect franchise

I Won't Be buying madden this season

I have literally bought every madden since 01. I will be purchasing Madden 21. I am hoping you will join me. A disgrace they released those Franchise notes. They added nothing to franchise style lol unbelievable. My expectations were very low but not that low. I have seen patches. I did exactly the same thing with madden 19, then wound up purchasing madden 20 cause I am a moron.definitely skipping madden 21. Perhaps I'll just buy every year lol.

It is crazy what cheap Madden nfl 21 coins has turned into now. I have owned every madden because I think 99 and it was a massive part of my childhood. My father and I would play franchise mode then progressed friends, to my brother and I would playwith. Those PS3 and PS2 franchises were fun. Sadly Madden 21 will be the first time I will not be purchasing Madden 21 on launch. If it goes on sale for under $20, maybe I will splurge but they've handled the Franchise players like shit too long. I am over it.
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Kin Gang
I told anyone who asked that RuneScape gold was unique to some match they could name, but it was always difficult to put my finger on what I meant by that. But now I understand that"grinding" means to simply put time into something rather than develop any kind of skill or talent within RuneScape, that is foreign to some other current game, even most RPGs (I believe ). PVP is the system in RuneScape I can think of off hand, and only a small minority of the playerbase does that. It is a bit embarrassing to reflect on the fact that my celebrations of my own and others'accomplishments have just been"discriminated on investing X amount of time to nothing and not getting better at anything inside RuneScape or ". It should've been obvious that this is the reality of RS, but I guess I never framed it this way in my mind.

As I'm more of a casual participant the text seems quite absurd at first (it is just a sport duh) but that I could really imagine that happening. By layout RS is very addicting if you can get into the mindset. I never had issues tho. I stopped after leveling up my main. I stopped playing mostly because everyone around me began to"man up" and stopped having interest in"child's games". I sold my accounts which was for a while. In my military days (we have compulsory army/civil service in Finland) I met with a guy who reintroduced me to RS since the old school was published. It was not a child's game or we had matured enough to understand that you shouldn't care about the remarks of peer groups.

Like a year I make a brand new account and blast, now I play with from time to time. I would want or need to and never went p2p. This can be seen for avoiding addictions. I have level ironman with aim to complete Dragon Slayer and that is going to be the conclusion of this year. I am constructing 2h/bow PKer that is old. Anyhow in the event that you are feeling hooked and you're currently missing out on real life content, please play less and live more. Quit RuneScape in the event that you really have to.

My thoughts? When abused, anything can be unhealthy. This reads like one of these overly exaggerated reports of someone with serious addictive personality issues becoming hooked on a medication, ruining their lifestyle with it and then complaining about itmeanwhile the remainder of the populace utilizes said medication responsibly and has no issues with it. Sure, RuneScape is addictive, similar to a very addictive drug. There is no denying that. Just how one uses said medication (aka how one plays runescape 2107 gold) is what's important. You have no issues and can play an hour daily or two. You go to work, have a social life (or maybe not if you are not that kind of person anyway), then you play for a couple hours - most men and women spend at least as long glued to the TV vegetating on their couch.
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Kin Gang
Not surprised but most of these comments are about 2K sucks. If you hate it, Quit buying it. I will be over here playing myLeague. You could of just said something like"I enjoy smacking my buddies online" or even idk. However, keep hating. I love it looks like the previous 3 games. Yeah it's the exact same match from 2k21 pc buy mt but that I think most of sports games could be accused of that. Not only a issue.

I dislike the way NBA 2K is set up and needs some significant improvement but my passion for basketball is the sole reason why I continue to play with NBA 2K. Yeah, again I am not defending NBA 2K but there has gotta be a reason we all buy it? I always like finding new music. Soundtrack is among the items in 2K. What do I despise MYcareer? Games make me want to kill myself and whoever made NBA 2K. We are going up in flames cause of the bs system they made.

I enjoy Online myleague. Super underrated aspect of NBA 2K. My hate is that they should put more focus on internet myleague. Contain All star weekend simpler to progress through offseason with glitches. Used to perform myleague for hours with my brother but today he moved and it's not by myself as enjoyable. Now the sole reason I play NBA 2K is since I have like 7 other buddies that jump online for rec or pro-am. Offline the gameplay is a number of the best in the series, online (which the many played manners are) NBA 2K is absolutely terrible and I'd hate each and every moment of it if I was not in a party with my friends while playing.

What would y’all like in Next Gen my career

I would love branching storylines that allow everyone to have a different one of a kind story so my notion of this story is you are a ranked high school how to get mt in nba 2k21 player playing a nationally recognized prep school(could be real like IMG or even Montverde or some generic one) and they can let us play the high school nationwide semi finals and championship(it will help you determine your next step). Here is where the arcs that are various take set up. You are ready to create your choice on what you are gonna do in the next step. Choose to go like lamelo, Brandon Jennings and others have done and play for a real team in a league or 2K can create it all up. Only play to get draft inventory.
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Kin Gang
It provides exactly the same Korasi-esque unique but it needs a magic based assault style bonus to be useful. Wrath spells certainly gave magic that extra oomph it so desperately wanted for the standard spell book. In general gear selection is quite good. RuneScape gold at the time did introduce Pernix armor, but from what I remember the T80 Pernix was pretty useless.

One thing I will admit though that RS2 had which would be a lot of fun nevertheless is Dungeoneering as a stand alone ability. I was initially lukewarm to it, but eventually realized how much fun the art was to get a few fairly cool perks involving best in slot firearms to custom source dungeons, it'd have been better when the dungeoneering ability felt tied to the main game rather than a mini-game in ability format. I've yet to try out the gauntlet in OSRS though I don't know if OSRS was able to capture that same great feeling Dungeoneering rbought. Anyways, just a few ideas, I've seen other posters state they'd go back to Pre-EOC in a heartbeat but, beyond the further pursuit storylines, I discover that the current condition of game feels more balanced and well thought out than RuneScape at the time back then.

I would certainly agree that it's content that is more and content. You can do anything from bosses that are traditional to raids for different experiences. I'd say the thing of a minigame existence. Pre eoc had plenty of different minigames. If osrs had the minigames I am not sure whether they would actually receive exactly the exact same amount of use as back but it is 1 thing. A clan scene was round minigames which retained players who are maxed interested. On OSRS after maxing there is really hunting, and there is zero reason if you are not interested.

I can't believe you are an outlier here. Pre EOC RuneScape was complete with a lot more content for a great deal of old school runescape buy gold players, but not only the pvm community. OSRS is wise, although better in terms of bossing, it doesn't hold a candle. Stealing creation, and soul wars are just two which are much better than anything presently and needs to be brought back. Quest shrewd is was far superior, and graphics shrewd far superior. People despise the citadels, but to me it made being in a clan more than simply having a team to pvm with. It allowed players to participate with things they loved, and it allowed you exp wise and to progress your clan visually.
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Kin Gang
Most of it's done with variety or melee. But do you guys prefer if RS gold began from another time or from 2007? A lot less contant that's only blatantly overpowered powercreep without better gameplay (Chaotics). Upgrades are thought out. There has been significant gameplay developments in PvM with updates. However, there are honestly unbalanced things now as well (construction( also many teleports). I think PvMscape that is present is far better than 2011-PvM.

Skilling could be in an worse state than pre-EOC equilibrium wise, but not since it's not enjoyable, it is only so underdeveloped and lagging behind how much loot PvM shits out. Skilling is insignificant and has received gameplay improvements that are obvious and I believe we've got a balance, and more selection between intensity/afk than afterward, although I enjoy doing skilling. I did not PK in 2011, although pvP seems in a worse condition. Minigames look"worse" too (Tears and Stealing Creation were popular, SW too I guess, I remember more people playing CW or BH than atm).

The improvement in contrast 2011 imo is when it comes to esports and articles. This is both to the credit of the programmers and to the community. While I love the RuneScape content, the one is of the quality. Along with the aspects they've managed have been enjoyable to follow. In addition, I have to say, I believe being in the community is much more enjoyable today. The surveys, upgrades and dev communication makes it more enjoyable to follow and play RuneScape in general than it had been back in 2011. It is not purely RuneScapeplay that's enjoyable anymore.

I do agree to some extent, also this is gonna be unpopular, but a lot of the newest content appears to be really outside of the"classic" topic of buy rs 3 gold. Zeah, by way of example, just feels like a personal server feature tacked onto the game. It will become intriguing lore wise once Zeah gets it's pursuit. Content wise though Zeah feels as great as the majority of RuneScape, it would be nice if Zeah had a PvP mini game though, possibly Soul Wars could wind up there?People cover raid scouts. You're permitted to provide providers for gp, and very easily when that support doesn't require you going on the client's account. Even fire capes that were selling is allowed, it advised against since you can't 100% trust your account to the vendor. Does break rules, but like I said that ought to be dealt with more - you can have successful rev protection clans with no of the shady shit. I cba discovering it, but a jmod has even commented on a post about rev protection when it began popping up, praising its ingenuity and that I can only agree.
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Kin Gang
Coordinators wouldn't be challenging from a technical perspective per se, but you have to design a system. What do they affect? Do you link head coaches and playbooks together, or create it freeform? If initially, then what role does a head trainer have? If the past, then what actually is their objective? How aggressive are in signing them the AI? When making those decisions, Is roster match considered by groups at all? When searching at free service, do players consider coaches? And most importantly, do so as to incorporate their likenesses, they have to renegotiate with all the Mut 21 coins Coaches Association? And would EA want to tell the devs to devote time to figuring this out system rather than different things (like MUT articles )?

I am not necessarily disagreeing with you but I'm fairly sure the coordinator part should be super easy considering at least NCAA 14 (I do not know enough about the other ones) has coordinator and a coaching carousel and the same exact game was made by the exact same exact company...EA! The head coaching function ought to be big but not so big that you have no control over your offense. Ex: You get 9 plays every play to choose from if you begin your coordinator, as you advance and start winning lots of Madden NFL, that number ticks up along with your coach trust (stole this from NCAA) and perform up to become a head coach or go on a be the greatest OC/DC ever.

Their purpose would be you would have the ability to go more in depth with your players and the press for one specific place I.E OC/DC. Your WR wants the football more? You center Madden NFL 21 plan about them and continue to have the ability to win. Your DE does not feel well? Well sit out for a match. This type of stuff that Madden kinda worked on but that too to much. The AI aggressiveness will be set on a slider and you would place it to 90 per 25, should you would like a challenge. Just wanting to get some fun with the boys? 15 should be useful. Want to kick back and see whether you can rebuild your favorite team? So u don't have a high prospect of getting fired, set it to 50. AI coaches and individual coaches would need to look at if stated trainer is a strategy fit because of their system and would find a mini bonus or a mini debuff for their team if they don't sign someone who does not follow the same scheme.

There's a good deal of stuff that needs fixing including on-field gameplay like when neither group can pick up the ball and it becomes a soccer game or scrum in the middle of the area or when a cheap Madden nfl 21 coins player turns into a seal doing tricks and balancing the ball on his mind running down the field. It is shit all around really and its been like that for many years including broken money plays. I think the matter is Madden NFL 21 has been shit for so long now it's going to take real money to repair the problems and they waited so long that it is beyond just what the company can pay to repair.
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Kin Gang
EA will likely be making a variety of Madden 21 coins with"more kinds of play and self-expression" across fresh genres, such as fresh Madden NFL on mobile devices. The arrangement provides EA having a chance to develop Madden esports, with more aggressive events and broadcast content. Greater interest in esports can help grow providers spending, like the supreme Team card game in EA's sports games that comprises nearly a third of EA's yearly revenue. This new venture comes at the perfect moment. The new consoles are launching from Sony and Microsoft later this year, and EA appears to have some new ideas up its sleeve to create increased interest in Madden. From the press release, EA said:"This venture will also focus on layout, visualization, and development innovations to grow and deepen the world of Madden NFL, influencing the way that it feels and plays, and the way that players connect into the world of the NFL since it occurs."

In a statement with NFL, Rachel Hoagland, the NFL's Vice President of gambling, esports, and partnerships, revealed that the true extent of this new venture and the league chose to stick with EA: It was important for us to actually place the Madden franchise for prospective investment in innovation, gameplay features as we move to new consoles, more gaming devices, cloud-based gambling, and EA, actually, given that the history and knowledge and the level of talent gave us the best opportunity to accomplish this. EA is basically currently serving as the digital face of the NFL. The partners are calling it"the most significant and widest-reaching gaming agreement in NFL history." EA doesn't disclose revenue from individual names, but this new arrangement positions the Madden NFL franchise to continue to keep its recent momentum moving and significantly increase its participant base throughout the next console cycle.

On Saturday, the last group of Ultimate Legends will arrive at Ultimate Team for Madden 21 year old. The set is headlined by former star Bo Jackson of the Oakland Raiders. Also featured are left outside end that was left and linebacker Bobby Bell Joe Klecko since the player. Here's a look at Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Group 23 as we prepare for the new game.Last week, fans eventually obtained an updated Sean Taylor within the Group 22 cards. Bo gets another alternative with this item and was amongst Golden Ticket players using a 99 OVR.

On his UL card, Bo has 99 Speed, 98 Acceleration, 98 Agility, 98 Trucking, 97 Carrying, 97 Break Tackle, and 96 Elusiveness. It provides gamers likely the most effective available HB in cheap Mut 21 coins, but it's as Ultimate Team is winding down, or completed for many gamers. He is joined by Bobby Bell that had been a part of the Madden NFL 100 promotion earlier this year. Bell's card includes 97 Tackle, 97 Play Recognition, 93 Acceleration, and 91 Block Shedding for the 6-foot-4 LOLB. The LTD participant of this weekend is left ending Joe Klecko. The Jets player has 96 Tackle, 97 Block Shedding, 96 Play Recognition, 98 Strength, 98 Power Moves, and 90 Acceleration.
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Kin Gang
From the time you receive your badges your overall should be 85 lmao.. I have a 91 without a vc bought its actually simple vc per match. Teammate grade, endorsements, incentives its easy but people are idle and 2k knows that they depart the micro transactions in. 2k21 mt pc should leave it. I do not have enough time to grind to a 91 overall from a 60. It doesn't have anything to do with being lazy I am an adult with responsibilities who enjoys playing with others online. I'm in exactly the exact same boat! So you think that it's cool to have to shell out an extra 40-50 dollars just to get the game be playable?

No it is not. Although I did. But that has been very very spontaneous. I ought to be able to create as many players as I want and get them into some 99 in a way. I simply don't need to grind one participant to some 99, I need it to be possible to grind every construct to a 99. Without spending extra cash in game (eventhough I would if their were bonus resources like clothes, shoes, tattoos etc.) Right I'm completely with you, and it is pretty apparent that micro-transactions implemented specifically for aesthetics is a great way to collect extra revenue. Fornite, CS. But after it begins having an influence on your operation... well, honestly the result is that the steaming pile of shit that's NBA 2K.

But that's what this game style is... There are other game modes available you could play online that do not need you to grind in any way. This game style will always be about the grind, although I know that answer kind of sucks. Yeah it has been around grinding and growing your player. However, you cant argue 2k has produced a waaaaay longer grind and subsequently sold you the solution from the 2k18 and 19. Back in 2k11,12, 13 and 16 I'd multiple 99 overall player I just played no VC bought since the game was flexible. I am playing 2k18 and I am a 91 complete with 100k vc in the legends variant my wife bought me. I have been playing since last Christmas frequently, just how much grinding do people gotta do to achieve a goal?

I totally agree with you guy! Not a bad answer in any way. My argument isn't against getting your way upward. It is you shouldn't be restricted in what you can do in case your entire isn't paid for - which is 2K is constructed around. What you work for is concealed behind a paywall. If you do not purchase your 85, have fun with nba 2k21 myteam mt the grind and decent luck finding a match since it's incredibly difficult (we see that this criticism on here daily ). And when you do, the input delay is so bad it makes it incredibly hard to play. No game that is aggressive functions such a way and a matchmaking system having an improved element is an instant fix. This would actually benefit you.
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